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Seeking actors for Independent Sitcom Pilot

Independent production company seeks cast for situational comedy. A fresh new take on the sitcom genre, this pilot features zany characters, atypical sitcom shenanigans, and of course a heart felt message. Possible pay and future roles if the pilot goes to series.

Non Union breakdowns:
Male / 25-30 yrs. / Caucasian.
Gary: A well groomed but laid back professional. Rugged individual, even. Gary is a self proclaimed ladies man, although that is questionable. He likes to say, hubba hubba, but really he’s working on creating a catch phrase.

Male / 25-30 yrs. / Caucasian.
Sean Paul: A high strung and geek chic late 20s male. This is a one silly man. All applicants should have a nominal mime ability and be able to realistically meow like a kitty cat. See, silly.

Female / Any yrs. / Any Ethnicity.
Andrea: Andrea is an attractive woman, a group leader, an organizer, and has an extreme dislike of loosing control of things.

Male / 31-40 yrs. / Middle Eastern.
Tony / Mr Falafel: A Pakistani character destined to become the breakout star. Mr. Falafel is enthusiastic and a little more than slightly annoying. Kind of like the Middle Eastern Urkel.

Male / Any yrs. / Native American.
Sammy: Sammy is a Native American chain smoker, ex-heavy drinker with a stuttering problem. Sammy enjoys chain-smoking, reminiscing about drinking red wine in unconventional manners, and stuttering

Female / Any yrs. / Any Ethnicity.
Vanessa: Vanessa is a know it all book worm type. Excellent note taker. She was the one in class with her hand in the air first, after 10 or so years of boozing and shooting drugs. A real dichotomy here.

Male / Any yrs. / African American.
Kevin: The fried green tomato/onion of the group. Kevin is an African American homosexual occasional cross dresser who says what he thinks and thinks what he says, regardless of how little sense it makes. He is our favorite character.

Male / Any yrs. / Any Ethnicity.
Actor Guy: Typical handsome Hollywood type. Well dressed and put together, studied at Julliard and a horrible liar. We prefer this character to like Quiznos more than Subway.

Incredio! Productions
c/o Bob or Tobly McSmith
611 East 11th St 6B
New York, NY 10009

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