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Seeking actors for feature film “The Darkroom”

Casting for “The Darkroom,” a high quality, low-budget picture to be shot in the NYC area, mostly in Brooklyn. It is non-union and there is no pay, but food is provided and a copy of the film made available. Photography scheduled to begin October 15, 2008.


Ana (30-45 years age range) She is intense, in touch with her dark side, a huntress of images and experiences. Ana is sexually promiscuous, yet spiritually loyal and monogamous to her husband Harry. There are many other paradoxes in her character. She is worldly, yet an innocent, almost ethereal. She is a seeker of truth, but does not hesitate to lie to others and use them for the purpose of her art. Energized by her art, Ana is obsessive, but also prone to depression and whiny. The character can be American in origin, but also can be a transplanted European, Asian or African who has come to the center of the creative world, New York, to work.

Ana (at 14) Determined, dreamy, curious, fearless. She needs to have the same coloring (hair, eyes) as the older Ana.

Harry (35-55) Fashion photographer who realizes his life long wish to become a painter only by ending his work and personal partnership with his wife, Ana. Though protective, to the point of being suffocating, Harry is nonetheless the catalyst behind her choice to become a serious photographer. He is loyal and the most stable force in Ana’s life, tolerating her whims and whininess until he no longer can. Tolerant, but frustrated, Harry remains committed to Ana even after their separation and his remarriage.

Sara (Caucasian/20- 25) The daughter of Ana and Harry. Other than Alexis, Ana’s best friend, she is the one person in the world Ana can rely on, the one person who understands the tormented personality of her mother, who she deeply loves and admires.

Calpyso (20-28) Glamorous, sensual model, in love with Harry, determined to seduce him away from Ana.

Thea (50-70) European, wise, direct and tough. She has seen it all. A master photographer, she is Ana’s teacher and mentor.

Alexis (30-45) Beautiful, compassionate, soft, loyal, a former model, she is Ana’s best friend and confidante. Her future involvement with Joan will be seen as a betrayal of sorts by Ana.

Joan (30-45) Alexis’s friend and lover, resented by Ana for monopolizing her affections. Very self involved. She is obsessed with painting pictures of men and women masturbating.

Jacob (50-80) Ana’s father, he is thin and gaunt and hospitalized from a deathly illness and hospitalized. Ana also remembers him as a younger man introducing her to the mysteries of death through recital of the memorial prayer for the dead for her grandfather.

The Mother (50-80) Ana’s mother. No speaking lines.

Bag Lady (A person without age, though probably between 40-70) Probably heavyset, or seems so from wearing all of her clothes at the same time in layers. She is a mysterious prophetic force in Ana’s life, associated with the fulfillment of Ana’s quest.

Strange Young Man or Woman (20-50) This character, male or female, is Ana’s destiny, someone who Ana obsesses about from the first time she notices him or her at a Halloween party. Elusive, mysterious, patient, impeccably elegant, a gentleman, or lady, he or she disguises himself/herself to hide his/her true identity.

Alice Palmer (60-80) A faded star of the screen. Coquettish and defiant, eager to be treated as the star she once was, but reluctant to show the world what she has become, Alice is feisty, tough and crude and extremely vulnerable. The victim of a spiritual and creative rape by Ana, Alice is weathered and dissipated, with hints of her former beauty.

Carl (40-45) Magazine editor. Sharp, quick, no nonsense personality, with a soft spot for Ana. He supports Ana by giving her commercial assignments.

Mona (30’s) Editorial assistant to David. A little bitchy, has no illusions about what she is doing and what needs to be done and is ready to do it. Impatient, probably resents Carl’s admiration of Ana’s talent.

Man in the subway (30-40) handsome, curious, attracted to Ana, he is an easy mark for Ana’s desire for a one night stand.

Mike (20-35) 400-500 hundred pound tattooed giant. Photographic subject of Ana, he is gentle, aware of his limitations, but also of his uniqueness and makes the most of it. In spite of his bulk his movements are elegant and precise. Both he and Ana feel a fondness for each other.

Mike’s father and mother (40-60) They both are little people and are awed by their creation who they deeply love in spite of his difference.

Velvet (20-30) Glamorous, but slutty. She is chatty, messy, off beat, a Chelsea Girl type, into drugs and good times. A photographic subject of Ana’s, she seduces the photographer, but discovers later that she is the victim of a betrayal.

Transvestite (50’s-60’s) Another photo subject of Ana’s, an aging queen, not at all attractive as a man or woman, somewhat pathetic but endearing. He/She recognizes a commonality with Ana and is brutally direct.

2 Transvestites (20-30) This is a very physical role. They are involved in street fight which Ana photographs.

The John (40-50) Short, barrel-chested, working class. Could be Bob Hopkins type. He is loud, tough and does not take no for an answer. A photographic subject of Ana’s.

Prostitute (20-40) The John’s is her client. Tall as John is short, thin as he is stocky, sexy in a vulgar sort of way. Streetwise, she is smart and knows the score. Another photographic subject of Ana’s.

Mysterious man at Calypso’s party (35-60) European. He is a man of the world, sophisticated, but cold, with a cruel edge. He intuitively senses where Ana is in life and pushes her over to a new reality, becoming her sexual mentor in the world of kinky sex.

Therapist (Male/female 40-60) Intelligent, compassionate, quietly thoughtful and analytical, he/she eventually makes Ana look at herself to no avail.

Blind man (50-80) He is a mysterious incarnation of the 3rd eye, seeing into Ana’s soul and perhaps also a force of fate.

M.C. at Fashion awards ceremony (40-60) Slick, dapper, a little pompous and full of himself.

Hospital Clerk at St. Vincents (30-50) A bureaucrat, which says it all.

Hospital Intern (30-35) Sympathetic, but slightly arrogant.

Models on beach (4 or 5 girls / 20-25) Very attractive, full of bounce and joy, professionals working with Ana and Harry when they are still commercial fashion photographers.

Models in Studio (3 or 4 girls / 20-30) one is a young mother posing for a family oriented product. Very attractive.

Photographers at lecture (6-8 Men and women 25-50) Earnest, bright, ambitious, adoring fans.

M.C. at museum lecture – host (40-50, Male) Artist himself, Very affable personality.

St. Marks Place young boy and girl (Caucasian Late teens, 20’s) Smart Asses, with a great deal of violence and hostility lurking beneath the surface. The girl is as nasty as the boy.

Sad young couple (20-30’s) She is devastated by their impending breakup. He is embarrassed and angry. Very self-conscious of being part of the art establishment, even if in a minor way.

Acquaintance at Calypso’s party (20-30’s) female.

Poet (45-50) Bohemian, intelligent and sensitive features, wavy hair, perhaps bearded, a chain smoker.

Peter Lamston (45-55) art journalist, cynical, a man who has had one to many drinks in his life and it shows on his face.

Gang members (subway) (Late teens – 20’s / 4-5 males) They are threatening, rowdy, unpredictable, abusive, and perhaps high on speed or some combination of drugs. Everyone in the subway car they enter is intimidated by them and tries to avoid making eye contact, except Ana, who pulls out her camera and boldly starts to take their pictures.

Pix and Resume including height, weight and clothing size information along with contact information, email and telephone should be sent hard copy to Close Up Pictures, 172 5th Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11217. Same can also be sent electronically for a first look to Ledgefilm@aol.com but electronic submissions will not be saved and a hard copy is necessary for invitation to audition.

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