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Pogue CNBC funny tech video: seeking pudgy corporate guy, cute/perky 25-ish female

I’m looking for a couple of funny actors to join me in my weekly tech video
for this week. (It airs on Thursday at 1:50 pm on CNBC. After it airs on TV,
it lives on–on iTunes, YouTube, nytimes.com, cnbc.com, Tivo, and JetBlue!)

We’re doing a parody of the “I’m a Mac/I’m a PC” ads. We film in New York
THIS TUESDAY (June 16), from 11 am to about 1:30 pm.

Need two actors:

* male, 30-50, pudgy or schlumpy, to be the “I’m a PC guy.”
* female, mid-20s, perky and cute, to be the American buying public.

Send a pic and description of your experience to me at pogue@nytimes.com.

Not a lot of pay ($50), but LOTS of national exposure.

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