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Pawnshop Films is casting non-union dramedy pilot/short film

Director- Rob Marin: Is looking to audition 4 people for an “untitled” pilot.
PAWNSHOP Films is casting a dramedy pilot/ short film-
John Fathom is a 32 year old artist that has been living a care free lifestyle in Jersey City. He sends in an audition tape to a
reality network about pushing who he “really” is what his life is “really” about. Opportunity begins to unfold when the network decides they love the idea and from there contracts are signed. In the mean time, John is alarmingly surprised when his illegitimate son shows up at his front door. Now he is left with the weight of choice… Becoming the father he never was, or continuing to live a life that the reality show expects him to portray.
The sitcom/ pilot will be shot as a short film and will be sent to major networks as well as the festival circuit. Actors MUST be strong with improv and willing to commit fully to the project.
Actors will receive food and a copy for their reels.
Possible continuing role, as episodes progress.

Audition dates: TBA
Shooting dates( NY/NJ): TBA
Apply to: Katherine, KTPRODUCTIONS10@YAHOO.COM


John’s Assistant- Female (25-35) A blunderous woman who assists John throughout his
“simple,” day to day tasks. Although she is vaporous to John sexually, she continues to care for him and supports him, longing for his admiration.

Son (Jackson)- Male (17-23 NEEDS TO LOOK 17 OR YOUNGER!!!) Jackson is a charismatic young man, raised by his mother with dreams bigger than his basement. He is charming and witty, yet tough skinned with a business savvy eloquence for a person his age. Actor must be strong with improve and be willing to commit his time and efforts to a leading role.

Lawyer (Rachel)- Female (25-40) She Is always one step ahead of John in his decision making. She is well respected in her profession and understands how to manipulate her clients for her own benefit.

Zen Chef- (Kyodai) K-yoh-di Male (25-35) He is always in a Zen place spiritually and emotionally, especially when it comes to his cooking. You might assume Kyodai is an in-house chef, however he is someone that John depends on to offer incite when obstacles cross his path.




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