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Open Casting Call for TV series “Organized Crimes” – New York City

Casting Call Details:
Open casting call for TV series
Project: “Organized Crimes”
Category: TV Series
Location: New York, NY


ALGON: African American male age 35-40. ALGON is a notorious drug boss who runs a high drug organization in Philadelphia. Algon is more of a layed back guy.

MAURICE: African American Male age 21-28. Maurice is a young drug boss making a big name for himself in the business. Maurice is a real coldhearted and cold blooded killer with no care in the world. Maurice often dresses in street clothing.

ROSELIND: Italian or Caucasian female age 35-40. Roselind is a notorious drug boss who runs a high drug organization in the city of Philadelphia. She is a very beautiful and attractive woman. She wears high heel shoes, dress clothes, and one piece dresses a lot. Roselind is also the daughter of an ex-mob boss. Growing up in the mafia, Roselind is a very strict and sometimes mean woman.

PEDRO: Hispanic male age 32-40. Pedro is a notorious Dominican drug boss who runs a high drug organization in the city of Philadelphia. He is real good with shipping drugs from Dominican Republic into the United States. He rarely trusts anyone and can show his bad side at any moment.

RASHAN: African American or Hispanic male age 21-28. Rashan is a young street hustler who is very good at street knowledge and making money. Rashan is a real flashy guy. He wears much jewelry and street clothing. His image can pass for a hip hop rapper. Rashan often wears sunglasses.

SARAH: Italian or Caucasian female age 16-19. SARAH is the 16 year old daughter of Roselind, and Roselind´s only child. Sarah sometimes has complicated on and off mother and daughter relationships with her mother due to Roselind´s criminal activities.

JOEL: African American or Hispanic male age 23-30. Joel is a street hustler with a real mean, bully, and coldhearted killer. Attitude. Joel is in between slightly muscular and fully muscular build. Joel often wears street clothing.

YULISSA: Any female age 30-40. Yulissa is the wife of notorious drug boss Algon. She is somewhat in between the good wife who supports her husband and his business. Yulissa also has the mind thinking of a gangster as well. She knows the drug business very well.

DESTINY: Any female age 21-25. Destiny is Maurice´s longtime girlfriend. Destiny is a full-time model/actress who lives in Los Angeles, California. Destiny visits Maurice in Philadelphia most of the time. Destiny is ready to start a new life with Maurice, but at the same time, she is scared to speak against what Maurice stands for in the drug business.

JIMMY: Italian or Caucasian male age 30-35.
JIMMY is a member of Roselind´s mobb. Jimmy is also one of Roselind´s right hand men and ears to the streets.

FRANK: Italian or Caucasian male age 23-30. Frank is a mean and tough guy who is part of the mafia family. Frank has a very short temper and can snap at anytime. Females also find Frank very attractive by his handsome looks and style of dressing. Frank often dresses in polo shirts, jeans, and sneakers. He also wears gold jewelry.

LENNOX: African American or Hispanic male age 23-30. Lennox is an informant for Algon. Lennox is very street smart but often finds himself in bad situations that can be deadly.

LYLE: Italian, Caucasian, or Irish male age 18-21. LYLE is a street hustler for Roselind.

ANTHONY: Hispanic male age 18-21. Anthony is a young street hustler for Pedro.

PEANUT: African American or Hispanic male age 18-21. Peanut is a young street hustler for Pedro.

Auditions will be held on Saturday June 2nd 2012 at Ripley Grier studios in New York City. The address is
520 8th avenue (Between 36th & 37th street) New York City 10018. Audition times will be held from 12:00PM-4:00PM. Please bring any headshots, snap shot photos, resumes, and demo reels if you have any, to the audition.
For more info please contact us via the submission form below.

Casting Calls Categories: Open Casting Calls / TV Series Auditions / Lead Roles Casting Calls
Audition Date: Saturday June 2nd 2012
Project: Organized Crimes TV series
Casting Call Location: New York City, NY

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