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NYC theater auditions

Next to Normal – Equity Principal Auditions (NYC Auds, NYC/DC REh & DC Performances)
Arena Stage Washington, DC LORT B $750/week minimum.

Gabe: Seeking male actor to play age 16. Character can be any ethnicity. Diana and Dan’s son. Dashing, bright, witty, kind, athletic, everything a mother would want. Sometimes snarky and sarcastic, sometimes deadly serious, with a healthy sense of play but a gravity that belies his years. Strong rock tenor with falsetto. LEAD.

Diana Understudy: Offstage understudy for Alice Ripley. Woman, mid – late 30s, any ethnicity. Sexy, sharp, funny, often on edge, always interesting. A delusional, bipolar depressive who’s been on various medications for more than 15 years, she can be distant and forlorn one moment and alert and blazingly alive the next. Quick to laugh, quick to anger and full of spark and contradictions. Strong belt with comfortable soprano mix.

Male Understudy #1: Offstage understudy for the principal roles of Dan and Dr. Madden. Dan: Man, mid – late 30s, any ethnicity. Diana’s husband. Kind, gentle, strong, patient, long-suffering. An architect and family man, he’s diligent and faithful and always struggles to stay positive and in control, even at the cost of expressing his own emotions. Adores his wife, who’s filled with the fire he wishes he had. Wry, self-effacing humor. Tenor with strong characteristic voice.

Dr. Madden: Man, 30s – 50s, any ethnicity. Up-and-coming psychiatrist, committed to alternative methods and holistic healing. Assured, confident, quietly intense, piercingly insightful. Buttoned-down doctor with a rock-star soul. Baritone.

Male Understudy #2: Offstage understudy for the principal roles of Gabe and Henry. Gabe: See description above. Henry: Seeking male actor to play 15 or 16. Character can be any ethnicity. Natalie’s boyfriend. A mellow musician, Gen-Y genius and coffee-shop philosopher. Soulfully funny, with a scruffy charm and a floppy style, he’s unassuming and unpretentious but perceptive, thoughtful and compassionate. Baritenor.

Natalie Understudy: Offstage understudy for this role. Seeking female actor to play age 15. Character can be any ethnicity. Diana and Dan’s daughter. Bright, determined, energetic, an overachiever. Responds to the dysfunction in her highly imperfect family by being as perfect as she can be. Tightly wound and desperate to please and to keep the peace, but not without a sense of humor about her circumstances. Strong mezzo belt.

New York CityEquity Principal Audition procedures are in effect.
Friday, September 5, 2008
11 AM – 2 PM
Telsey + Company
315 West 43rd Street, 10th Floor

Prepare a brief pop/rock or contemporary musical theater song. Bring sheet music; an accompanist will be provided.
Please bring a picture and resume, stapled together.

Artistic Director: Molly Smith
Music: Tom Kitt
Book/Lyrics: Brian Yorkey
Director: Michael Greif
Choreographer: Sergio Trujillo
Music Director: Charlie Alterman
Casting: Telsey + Company

1st rehearsal: October 23, 2008 (in NYC). Travel to DC on November 11. Runs November 21, 2008 – January 18, 2009 in DC.

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