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Now Casting Gener’s People TV Pilot (NYC/CT)

Gener’s People TV Pilot Casting Notice 2016 (pronounced “Generous” People)

Needed: Male and Female Actors ages 21-30, Males 55-65, and Females 45-55.

Union (SAG-AFTRA) and Non-Union.

We are shooting a 7-minute treatment in mid-October of this year (2016) in CT and NYC. The shoot will run 7 days, though not consecutively. There will be a 2 day break in the middle of the shoot.

The treatment will be used to launch a television series (our promo already looks amazing / high-quality). If not immediately sold to a network, it will be released as a web-series while we continue to push for wider distribution. We have connections at major networks and outlets including Netflix, Marvel, and truTV.

Gener’s People (pronounced “Generous”) is being produced by trained professionals that have completed various works and shoot for perfection. This is writer/director Ryan Patrick Casey’s first project after his feature film, American Jubilee. Our cinematographer, Dave Sikora, was awarded Best Cinematography for his work in the New Haven 48 Hour Film Project in 2015. High-quality camera and sound being run by a professional crew.

We will want to use the actors in our treatment for the larger production, and keep the production in the NYC/Stamford, CT area. We began production in July 2016 by shooting a 3-minute treatment, which is currently being edited and will be released to raise interest for the larger project. This will make an excellent addition to any actor’s portfolio, and reel.

Principals will be paid, and all meals and transportation for actors (non-extras) will be paid for as well.

About Gener’s People:

Our unique story, set in the mid-90s, is about an organic juice company based in a gentrifying city and its outskirts. It deals with human drama, the complexities of relationships, and an innovative but risk-laden strategy to get ahead and succeed by certain parties.

The style is a mix between Sopranos and Twin Peaks, with dark comedic elements. We are looking for actors who can portray complex emotion through subtlety and by being dynamic, but not over-the-top. Tone should intrigue the viewer into the depths of the character, their nature, and what drives them.

Casting will take place in mid-September in NYC and CT. Please send video samples and links for works hosted on-line to Casting Director, Jill Scott. If you do not have anything online, please email us a quick video introducing yourself. Feel free to participate in our quick audition challenge. Tell us how you would sell a high quality juice, and keep people coming back without them knowing why they’re so hooked. This will not be used for commercial purposes, we just want to see your ability to complete a challenge, and let you show off your improvisational skills. If you would prefer to send a monologue from your favorite performance that would be sufficient as well.


Troy Bazinski (a.k.a. “Baz”) – 24. Troy is the next most important character following TJ, Chelsea, and Gary. Troy works for a local accountant’s office. Gener’s Juice Co. is one of his clients. TJ meets Chelsea (main character and chemist) at Gener’s, where they become very close, possibly romantically at a few points. He seeks to find out if Sheila is bearing his child, and is breaking down as he already feels guilt from not knowing if the child is his. Baz’s long term goal is to become a high school teacher. He feels the massive weight of self-serving and evil memes (shared unethical ideas and actions) laterally transferred, which is especially seen in his view toward Zach.

Iggy Rathbone – 27. Iggy is slightly older than the others, and dreams of opening his own restaurant. He feels that being an owner gets you away from the pressures that come with other types of work that give one the feeling that they are not in control. His parents were Gen Xers, and his name is based on Iggy Pop. He starts writing when our story starts. Eventually, he becomes the Nietzschean Uber-man. For good or bad, he becomes the ultimate creator of his world artistically. He is generally amoral and ethical dilemma could go either way.

Zach Hopkins – 25. Good looking in a rock-star way. He sometimes dresses like he’s in a British 90s band (like Verve or Blur). We never see his band, but he frequently talks about it. Zach represents Baz’s fear of shadow. We have a difficult time determining if he is a good person or not. He often tells people what to do and how to live their lives. He is beginning to explore eastern methods, like meditation, to calm his very stormy inner-self.

Micah Wardell – 21. The newest employee at Gener’s Juice Co. Micah attends a local community college, but is having a difficult time. He is having an early nervous breakdown of sorts, as he’s trying to not let things get in his way. He’s into the 90s dance scene and is no stranger to MDMA. He lets that culture take a strong hold on him, as that’s very much his personality (Jungian complex). He is hired by Chelsea after she begs Gary to bring him on. He is the gofer of Gener’s Juice, doing whatever he can (especially physically) to help Chelsea and TJ so they can focus on their specializations (chemistry and sales respectively). He is lost in a darkly comical way. He is a good person but rarely has time or energy to make good decisions.

Ross – 55 to 65. Tough, broad gentleman. Ross is Baz’s boss at the accounting office. He is a no-nonsense businessman, unless it’s about steaks and cigars.

Lucinda – 45 to 55. Lucinda is a sneaky antagonist who hates the world. She is struggling to stay afloat, and has a pill problem.

Hank – 50+. Thin to average build. Local transient with a heroin addiction. Acquainted with Lucinda. Hangs around Gener’s Juice from time to time.

Click here for more information: http://www.genpeople.com/casting-notice.html
Project: “Gener’s People”
Location: NYC / CT
Category: TV Pilot, Paid Roles, New York Casting Call
Website: http://www.genpeople.com/casting-notice.html

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