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New York, NY Casting Calls: Casting Performers for “Wilhelmstrasse”

Project: “Wilhelmstrasse”
Casting Calls Categories: Theater
Location: New York, NY

Casting / Audition Details:

A provocative relationship between a beautiful German girl and a sarcastic New York Jew probes art, sexless love and the struggle to comprehend the Holocaust and its enduring stigma. Part travelogue, part polemic on identity, religion and the past’s binding ties.


Jewish, late 20s – early 30s.
From New York. Average height and looks. Strong sense of humor; has a sweetness under his sarcastic and sometimes condescending exterior.
Needs to be charming but nebbishy and self-deprecating.

German woman, mid – late 20s.
Blonde, strong build, no shorter than 5’6”. Beautiful and sophisticated.
There is a vulnerability underneath her strength. German accent required.

Casting / Audition Details:
NYC appointment auditions will be held on June 23, 2011.
1st reh: Week of 7/5/11.
Late afternoon rehearsals.
Runs 8/12-8/29 for 5 perfs as part of the NY Internat’l Fringe Festival.

Casting Calls Categories: Theater Casting Calls
Audition Date: June 23
Project: “Wilhelmstrasse”
Location: New York, NY

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