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New York, NY Casting Calls: Casting Call for web series “Pain, Love, Passion”

Project: “Pain, Love, Passion”
Casting Calls Category: Web Series
Location: New York City

Casting Call Details:

All sides are available @

Ocean State Productions is now viewing headshots and resumes for its upcoming web show: Pain, Love, & Passion. Shooting will take place in Rhode Island and New York. All inquiries must be submitted electronically via the submission form below.

This is a non-union job, all union members please check with their agent before submitting. No pay, but food & credit provided. We will also provide copies to actors that need footage for their reels, upon request.

LOCATION: CHAMPIONS STUDIOS LOCATED ON 257 W. 57H ST. (between 7th & 8th ave) NYC

Auditions will be on a first come, first serve basis. If you need to lock in a time due to any of your schedule conflicts, please let us know so we can make the proper arrangements.

There will be a sign in sheet as well a contact sheet when you arrive, be sure to fill out both.

PLEASE NOTE that if you will be auditioning for any Lead or Supporting roles, the sides will be available to view underneath the character description. Be sure to bring with you to the audition. All other roles, please have a one to two minute monologue prepared suitable to your character. We may ask you for some improv, so be prepared.

Since this will be filmed in RI and NY, the auditions will be held in both locations. Please be advised that this story is inspired by true events, hence most of the filming will be shot in Rhode Island since it is where Miguel now resides.


Miguel- LEAD. Male Light to medium complexion. Must be less than 5’5 and able to play a high school student as well as an older version of himself. Strong acting skills required. This story is based on his journey. SIDES AVAILABLE

Mabel- LEAD. Female, Caramel complexion, long dark hair, slim, beautiful, 5’5 or less in height, must be able to play a high school and a college student, very sweet personality. She tends to softly bite her lips when she’s thinking about something. She has a history of not only attracting jerks, but dating them as well. SIDES AVAILABLE

Sheena- LEAD. Female, early 20’s, light skin, short- (about 5’) brunette, extremely sexy, light eyes, slim waist, nice lower body. An emotional wreck, although appears to be confident, she’s insecure and jealous. Sheena is a good person at heart, but never let’s goes of the memories of her first heartbreak, which results in her picking fights in her current relationship. SIDES AVAILABLE

Valerie- SUPPORTING. Female, Mabel’s older sister, caramel complexion, slim, dark hair, must be able to play a younger version of yourself. She comes off as stuck up, but deep down she’s sensitive. Bossy/strong character needed. SIDES AVAILABLE

Jason- SUPPORTING. Male, Miguel’s childhood friend. Apprx 5’8, light skin, he has a full dark beard that’s lined up perfectly, unpredictable, and a pothead. He sells drugs but comes off as a very genuine guy. He can be the nicest guy in the world but is also very explosive. He’s edgy, violent, and sometime ruthless. He’s a hypocrite. He preaches to Miguel about doing good and staying in school but does opposite. He’s a womanizer that constantly cheats on his girlfriend, but at the same time never treats her badly. He can be the best and worst boyfriend in the world at the same time. He can on and off his bad and good side like a light switch. **Later in the series he comes back, older, more mature, and with facial hair. Must be willing to travel to New York** SIDES AVAILABLE

Mrs. Ortiz (Mabel’s Mom)- MINOR. Female, late 30’s to early 40’s, Latina.

Derek- MINOR. Male, 5’8, 5’9 African American, must be able to portray a high school student. He is very cocky, always wears a baseball cap and is the star basketball player at his high school. Mabel’s high school boyfriend.

Ray- SUPPORTING. Male, about 5’8, caramel complexion, early 20’s, pothead. Must be able to play a younger version (high school student) version of yourself. Miguel’s cousin and roommate, always keeps an even low hair cut, no facial hair.
He is Miguel’s cousin and roommate, a quiet guy, but voices his opinion when he has to. Known for being a sort of womanizer, but knows what he does is wrong. He has a habit of changing his mind more than he changes his underwear. Miguel considers him a younger brother. SIDES AVAILABLE

Jasmine- MINOR. Female, mid to late 20’s, light skinned, pregnant with Jason’s baby, very pretty with a natural glow. * Must be willing to travel to New York**

Mark- MINOR. Male, Caucasian, tall apprx 5’10, athlete, Mabel’s college boyfriend.

Sexy Girl #1- MINOR Any ethnicity- Attractive girl. Miguel’s one night stand when he is going through his rough face. (no dialogue)

Sexy Girl #2- MINOR Any ethnicity- Random girl Miguel hooks up with after the club. Very sexy, one night stand when Miguel is going through his rough face. (may have little dialogue)

Mrs. Hernandez (Miguel’s Mom)- MINOR Latina, early 30’s to early 40’s, short, bronze hair. She knows what’s best for her son and is not scared to show it even if it gets Miguel in trouble with his girlfriend.

Michael (aka Bane)- SUPPORTING Tall, heavyset, African American, intimidating. He is Sheena’s best friend and is also very protective of her. Never liked whoever Sheena dated because he’s secretly in love with her. SIDES AVAILABLE

Jeff- MINOR Male, Any ethnicity, but must be able to speak a few slangs in Spanish, tall, looks mean, but very funny demeanor. Bartender where the guys go to have drinks.

Bartender: MINOR- Any Ethnicity.

Junior- MINOR Male, Latino, Late 20’s to early 30’s, Ray’s cousin, tanned because he lives in Miami.

Casting Calls Categories: Web Series Casting Calls / Non-union Casting Calls
Audition Date: 09/30/11
Project: Pain, Love, Passion Webseries
Location: New York City, NY

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