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New York, NY Casting Calls: “Bad Apples” Casting Call – MFA Thesis Film

Project: MFA Thesis Film “Bad Apples”
Casting Calls Category: Student Film
Location: Manhattan/Brooklyn, NY

Casting Call Details:

This casting call is for a thirty minute, non-unionized, thesis film called Bad Apples. The piece is directed by Brooklyn College, MFA Graduate student, Ashley Cintron, and is expected to go on to the festival circuit and will broadcast on Channel 75 next year.

• Synopsis: Bad Apples is the pilot episode of a mockumentary, comedy series about a group of teachers from a struggling public high school. Annie Brumley, the new Vice Principal, is determined to make big changes, but more than a few of her co-workers are less than thrilled. Will she make Hingham High a better school, or will a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch?

• Requirements: Shooting will take place over one entire week, beginning on Monday, August 15th and wrapping on Sunday, August 21st. There will be both day and evening shoots, predominantly day. Work in non-union and for credit, a copy, and food ONLY. All food and beverages will be satisfying and of quality. Shooting will take place in Brooklyn.

• Audition Information: There will be two casting calls. The first will be held on Friday, July 29th from 5pm to 8pm at “Space on White” in lower Manhattan, 81 White Street. The second casting will be on Saturday, July 30th from 11am to 2pm at the same location.

All auditions will be by appointment only. Please contact, Deanna – Casting Director. Include your headshot, resume, and a first and second choice audition time that is convenient for you.

•Character Descriptions:

– Annie Brumley: (20s-30s)
Annie, the leading protagonist, is the new Vice Principal of Hingham HS. She is intelligent, motivated, and borderline OCD, kind, quirky, and almost always optimistic. Don’t let her soft exterior fool you though – Annie is resolute about changing Hingham for the better, and she won’t let anyone stand in her way.

– Lawrence Bennett: (40s – 50s)
Principal Bennett, the main antagonist, is an ex-lawyer, as well as a husband and father of three girls. He is strict, stubborn, and grumpy, and more often than not, he is eating just to pass the time. Reluctant to admit that his school is sub-par and too proud to relinquish any power, Principal Bennett resists change and Annie’s ideas for action.

– Charlotte Walker: (30s-40s)
Originally from the south, Charlotte Walker is intelligent, composed, and fearless. She is a history buff through and through, but teaches history at Hingham only because she is a retired officer; and as a former Marine, Charlotte runs her classroom with discipline and organization. She take an instant dislike to Annie, thinking her weak and unfit to run a school. But beneath her icy exterior, Charlotte quietly harbors feelings for the married Principal Bennett.

– Superintendent Tseng: (40-50s)
Charlie Tseng is the NJ State Superintendent who visits NJ public schools twice a year to evaluate educational standing. He is awkward and susceptible to the delivery of poorly timed, inappropriate humor, which makes most everyone, especially Annie, very uncomfortable. However, he is kind, generally well intentioned, and excellent at his job. And although his job only requires two visits a year, his romantic interest in Annie brings him around more often than the staff at Hingham would like.

– Cooper Botsford: (30s – 40s)
Cooper Botsford, although something of a buffoon, is the Hingham HS gym teacher and championship winning basketball coach. Obsessive about fitness and serious about healthy living, he works his students to the bone and is not afraid to hurt their feelings, which often gets him in trouble with administration. He loves to coach, but his rough exterior and over the top intensity don’t make him the best teacher on the Hingham staff.

– Christopher Jimenez: (20s – 30s)
Chris Jimenez, a kind hearted but down on his luck bookworm, is the English teacher at Hingham HS. His true passion is for writing, but working as an unpublished novelist doesn’t exactly pay the bills. He is excited about teaching and believes that his kids will learn more if they are having fun in the classroom, but pressure from his girlfriend to move to NY always keeps him half-heartedly invested. He is the only staff member to welcome Annie with kindness and little resistance.

– Rose Sinclair: (60s – 70s)
Rose Sinclair is a veteran educator a Hingham HS, employed as the Biology teacher there even before Principal Bennett was hired. She is well intentioned and sweet as pie, quick witted and a science pro, but age is catching up to her and lesson plans are no longer what they once were. Despite her sleepy methods though, Rose is loved and respected by the faculty members at Hingham HS.

– Student 1: (teens – 20s)
Student 1 is the portly school mascot, Hingham the Hippo. He/she has school spirit, but a limited interest in actual academia.

– Student 2: (teens – 20s)
Student 2 plays basketball for Coach Botsford, but has difficulty with Coach’s constant criticisms and cruelty. He gets in trouble with Principal Bennett for pulling pranks as revenge on his coach.

– Student 3: (teens – 20s)
Student 3 is a student in both Mr. Jimenez’s class and Mrs. Sinclair’s class. She has to deal with the chaos of both of their teaching styles.

Casting Calls Categories: Student Film Casting Calls / Non-union Casting Calls
Audition Date: Friday, July 29th and Saturday, July 30th
Project: “Bad Apples” Casting Call – MFA Thesis Film
Location: Manhattan/Brooklyn, NY

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