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New York, NY – Casting Call for Short Film “Burnt Sugar”

Project: “Burnt Sugar”
Location: New York, NY
Category: Short Film, Non-union


22 to 32 years old, Caucasian female. thin and world weary, Swann is a young runaway that dreams of going to college for philosophy. She met a philosophy major in a bar one time and wants to be like her. She is trying to kick heroin.

23 to 32 years old, Caucasian female. the daughter of a successful doctor and a lawyer – Laura is a grad student that Swann met years ago, she had a conversation with Swann in a bar years ago when she was working on her final she wants nothing to do with Swann. She is trying to kick heroin too. Southern accent.

28 to 36 years old, Caucasian male. Extremely large ex metal head with long hair, Swann is determined to pull him out of the halfway house that they both stay at if they can get over their addiction. Not as stupid as he looks.

17 to 21 years old, Caucasian male. – spaced, way out pothead. Athletic – Was a rising tennis star that stopped when he burned out. Somehow ethnic looking and waspy. Has been running away from a rich family his whole life. He is actually Laura’s brother from another marriage. Ingo is looking for a life beyond today’s numbing desk-gym-netflix hamster wheel. Some kind of tennis skills or general athletic qualities required for flashback.

Male, 50-60, Caucasian. Empathetic but creepy German expat conspiracy theorist that Swann talks to in a bar about Hegel, he tells her about the CIA Montauk Project and it’s connection to Time Travel, although she thinks he is just trying to get in her pants. Must either be an actual German man or truly convincing ability to fake accent.

Male, 50-60, Caucasian – French owner of a bed and breakfast in Montauk – our group shows up at his establishment to help Laura kick although everything goes wrong. Must be either actually French or truly convincing ability to fake accent.

Male, 34-40, Caucasian. Handsome in an extremely uncomfortable way, a little muscular. Coked out of his mind. Jed almost gets into a fight with him when he comes looking for Swann at the bar.

Any race – male, female, 15-24 – Tennis players to play and do drills in background during Ingo flashback – Would help if actor is athletic at very least – actual tennis skills would be fantastic but are not required.

Project: “Burnt Sugar”
Location: New York, NY
Category: Short Film, Non-union

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