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New York Film Academy student looking for a teenage girl

I’m a student at the New York Film Academy in the 4-Week Film-making program.
For my second short film (between 15 and 30 shots), I am looking for a teenage girl (between 8 and 15 years old) who has a very good experience in theater. The part isn’t easy!

The story: Emma, a young teenage girl, is stepping on a stage for the first time of her life. Generally very shy, she is absolutely terrified. When the teacher sets the light on her and asks her to start improvising, she first freezes then tries to avoid the light by taking refuge into the shadowy parts of the stage. But the light follows her. Very soon, she starts moving with the light and playing with it. Like Charlie Chaplin in “Modern Times”, she begins acting a truly comic scene. At the end of her improvisation, she has discovered a new passion: theater.

I am going to shoot in film, with a 16mm camera, in black and white, no sound.

The shooting will take place on Tuesday July 21st, from 2:30 to 6:30, at the New York Film Academy (100 East 17th Street New York).

I can only pay for food and transportation.

Please contact me as soon as possible on my email address: helene.sifre@sciences-po.org.

If there are many applicants, I will have to audition every one. So make sure that you could be available on one evening of this week.

Parents are obviously welcome to accompany their daughter and to attend the shooting.

Thank you.

Helene Sifre




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