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New York auditions for upcoming HD Feature Film “SURE LOOKS GOOD”

R.A.G. Productions is currently taking submissions for our upcoming HD Feature Film “SURE LOOKS GOOD”, shooting this August.
Pamela Wright (28) African American female: Recently divorce mother of one. Best Friend of lead. She works as a Social Worker. Very Educated, but uses vulgar language constantly when she is in a social setting. She is enjoying her single life and very in touch with her sexual side.
April Blackshear (28) African American Female: Friend of the lead and Pamela. She works as a pharmacist. Has a very successful career, but her social life is lacking. Her number one goal is to get married. April hates the fact that she is single.
Sharon Stevens (28) African American Female : Friend of Simone, Pamela, and April. Sharon lives in apartment with her son’s father, Malcolm. Sharon is not happy with her current relationship with Malcolm, so she is cheating with a married man, Jeff.

Some pay for these roles as well as food, credit, and copy of the finished project.

Small Roles
Tina Lane: (28-30) African American Female, Jason Whitmore’s secretary. A single woman attracted to Jason Whitmore.
Kendell Broady: (32) African American Male, Cousin in-law of the lead and husband Katrina Broady.
Dr. Robert Clayton: (30 something) Caucasian Male, Robert is a doctor at the hospital the lead works at. The lead find out he is single and introduces him to April.
Jeff: (30 something) African American Male, A married man that is cheating with Sharon.
Anthony: (28-30) African American Male, A guy Pamela Wright meets at the club. (Comic timing needed)
Waiter: (18-25) Male any ethnicity – Good looking model type.
Doctor (surgeon): (30-40) Male, any ethnicity
Shady Male (Robber): (25-35) African American Male, Hard thug look is needed.
Various background roles.

These are volunteer positions, but will provided food, credit, and copy of the finished project.

Send headshot and resume to ragproductions@gmail.com

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