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National Women’s Magazine Looking for Women for Makeover – New York, NY

Casting Call Details:
You’re a stylish, gorgeous woman on the go, but you have one teensy problem area (whether real or perceived) that makes you hesitant to leave the dressing room in any of the latest trends. When you put on anything fashionable, you’re convinced your “problem area” is all that anyone sees—whether it’s cankles, grandma arms, back rolls, a belly, or underarm cleavage (the list goes on!)

Our team of fashion experts is here to help! Tell us about your “problem area” (not limited to the ones listed above), and we’ll teach you how to dress in a way that will make you (and everyone else) forget all about it! We’re looking for women all shapes and sizes between the ages of 25—65.

If you or a friend are interested in being submitted for the casting please submit your problem area, name, age, profession, a recent photo and contact information.

Please spread the word!!!

Casting Calls Categories: Makeover Auditions
Audition Date: September 22nd-28th
Project: National Women’s Magazine Looking for Women for Makeover
Location: New York, NY

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