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Male/female actors needed for short film “The Bend” (New York, NY)

Male/female actors needed for short film “The Bend”.

A terrible crash along a forested road: a car has skidded headlong into a tree. The bodies of young girls lay naked, strewn about the accident. The driver, an impatient man in a chauffeur’s uniform, gathers those left alive and chains them together. He is determined to deliver his cargo despite the unfortunate delay, determined to make good time on foot. But there is a problem: one of the girls is not cooperating. She screams, runs, bites, and kicks, doing all she can to delay the complacent crowd further, even warranting the involvement of the local police. Can the men in uniform and all of her willing peers persuade this one obstinate girl to cooperate, to just move with the group? A simple, poetic, and darkly humorous film about dehumanization, resistance, persistence, and hope.


The Chauffeur:
Male / 35-60 yrs. / Any Race A rigid, impatient man with a temperament deeply rooted in a working class psychology. Though dressed in the finest of uniforms, unemployment for him is only a hat’s drop or a missed deadline away. Years of service and this sort of tension have made him numb to any moral dilemmas that may befall him in the line of duty. Not normally an unpleasant fellow, when stretched to his limits he becomes solely concerned with all things practical: a suit with a clock, unable to feel anything but anxiousness (non even physical pain) himself and anger for those who delay him.

Cooperative Girls:
Female / 18-22 yrs / Caucasian / Nudity Quiet and almost graceful in their complacency, these girls have accepted with their nakedness a uniform of conformity. They move in a group, bowing to those of authority as to be afforded the best care and the smoothest experience that this life has to offer. Making the best out of their situation, these nervous creatures act as silent pets, obedient cattle in a world that accepts them as such.

Non-Cooperative Girl:
Female / 18-22 yrs / Caucasian / Nudity A noisy and rebellious girl, she does not acknowledge her nakedness as a uniform of weakness and conformity as do the other girls her age. She does not take kindly to being handled, and her relentless urge to escape or at least resist those “in power”, create a character whose presence straddles the line between grating and heroic.

Male / 40-50 / Caucasian A man doing his job. Though he may not wholeheartedly agree with the laws set in place, he does not question them. He believes that they are what keep the community running smoothly. Relegating his responsibilities to upholding this law and making records of the goings-on for filing and later reference, he doubts his own intelligence and sense of moral authority, surrendering it to a higher power. His police uniform shields him from the gravity of his actions even when they include capturing and crushing the hopes of a righteously rebellious and vulnerable youth.





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