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Looking for 3 actors to work August 25 and 26

Kaos Video game audition
Compensation: $800 per day
Submission: alysha@perspectivestudios.com
Looking for 3 actors to work August 25 and 26 with possible additional days Sep 15-17

It will be motion capture with voice over work as well. So the actors for A and B should be both great actors as well as physical.Actor A- Solider/ Cop, Age around 32, Height 6’0”, weight around 170. Desired Vocal range- He should be a normal mdle American man( Iowa accent totally neutral slight hint of Midwestern- he should remind you of your father or a very close friend. Expert in firearms, not afraid to throw his body around

Actor B- Traitor, age 28, height 5’10”, weight 160. Build Lean, athletic. Vocal Qualities- Urban, aggressive tonal qualities. Higher pitched then Actor A. Physical requirements- Should be able to take a hit and act like they are in pain from a severe gunshot wound.

Actor C- Mechanic, age 29, height- 5’11”, weight 170 lbs. Desired vocal range- Fairly deep, confident and gentle. Physical requirements- none.

Audition: August 20th – time span 10 am to 5 p.m.
Production: Aug 25 & 26

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