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Hair: The American Tribal Rock Musical – Equity Principal Auditions

Hair: The American Tribal Rock Musical – Equity Principal Auditions
Broadway Production Contract, $1,558/week minimum
1st rehearsal: On or about January 13, 2009. 1st preview: On or about February 13, 2009
Opens: On or about March 5, 2009

This show was created for, and we are seeking, a multicultural company. In some instances roles were created for actors of a specific ethnicity. In these cases it is noted in the character description.

Please note that, as with the original production, some nudity will be a part of these performances. However, nudity is voluntary and not a requirement for all cast members. There is no nudity required at the audition.

20s. She is a wild and dynamic activist with the political t-shirts and buttons to prove it. A student at NYU. Her passionate involvement in things, be it causes or people, can be a source of humor for onlookers. Obsessed with Berger. We are particularly interested in considering women of diverse cultural backgrounds for this role.

Also seeking understudies and possible future replacements for the following:

20s, but the more youthful looking the better. He is bright, funny, loud, wild and playful, but serious underneath. Charismatic and entertaining, he loves to make people laugh. He functions as the comic center of the show but goes from being comic to a tragic figure at the end. In other words, this is a role for a performer with great comic and dramatic skills.

20s. Berger’s best friend. He is gentle, the embodiment of the flower power ethos. A harmonious, ordered, balanced character, artistic, blissed-out, kind and funny. Reads all the newspapers and is concerned about the war and the state of the human condition. Tolerant and open he loves everyone in the Tribe and provides them with an emotional center. Obsessed with Sheila.

20s but the more youthful looking the better. He is sexy, good looking, masculine but with an androgynous quality. A free-love nature freak granola boy. He is very much in his own world, a bit of a space cadet.

20s. African-American male. He has an energetic personality. He is both intellectual and street hip. He scans the New York Times and the East Village Other. At times he is like a wise overseer.

20s. She wears long hippie dresses and is the earth mother of the group both figuratively and literally as she is pregnant. Dry sense of humor, hippie freak granola woman. Obsessed with Claude.

20s. African-American. She is warm and compassionate. A strong presence with a strong sense of justice and irony. Just plain obsessed.

Late teens – early 20s but to play as young as possible. She is the youngest tribe member. She is pretty, innocent and vulnerable. Loves the idea of the Tribe, her new chosen family.

Father/Magaret Mead:
20s. Young character actor to play an authoritarian father AND a befuddled female tourist who stumbles upon the “tribe” and is fascinated by their culture. Must be a tenor.

Equity Principal Auditions:
Thursday November 6, 2008
10 AM — 5:30 PM
Lunch from 1:30 – 2.
The Public Theater 425 Lafayette Street

Friday November 14, 2008
10 AM — 5:30 PM
Lunch from 1:30 – 2.
Chelsea Studios 151 W.26th Street, 5th Floor New York City

Please prepare 36 bars of an up-tempo pop or rock song from the 60s/70s or a selection from Hair.

Please bring picture, resume, and sheet music.

Producer: Ain’t Got No, LLC
Book and Lyrics: Gerome Ragni & James Rado
Music: Galt Macdermot
Director: Diane Paulus

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