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Film students seeking two female and two male actors (NYC)

Film students SEEKING two female and two male actors in New York City area for film competition. Actors/actresses should be in mid-twenties to early thirties. All ethnicities welcome. CASTING will be this Saturday and Sunday. Please email headshot and resume for consideration, and if interested, we will respond with the location and time of the audition, as well as script sides.

SHORT FILM: Titled, “The Alley,” it is about two people (SARAH and CHRIS) who live in two different apartments in New York City that are opposite a small alley. Through witnessing each other’s lives unfold through their separate apartment windows, they form an unspoken bond.

NOTE: Some tasteful, artistic nudity will be required for ALL actors/actresses for this shoot.


SARAH. Late-twenties/early thirties. Very attractive, in a natural, girl-next-door way. She works in a nonprofit or philanthropic discipline, so is very passionate about what she does, but not very well compensated for it. She is well educated, thoughtful, kind. And very much in love with her boyfriend, BILL.

BILL. Late-twenties/early thirties. Sarah’s boyfriend. Very attractive and stylish. He works in the financial sector, or similarly well-compensated field. He is always well dressed and well put together. He is alternately very loving and very distant towards Sarah.

CHRIS. Mid-twenties to early thirties. Lives opposite alley from Sarah. Attractive, quirky, artistic. He is a very comfortable, laid-back person. Very much in love with his girlfriend, Julie.

JULIE. Mid-twenties to early thirties. Chris’s girlfriend, she is very attractive and very fashionable. She is always well put together. She’s a bubbly, sociable, flirty personality. And loves her boyfriend, Chris, very much.

COMPENSATION: Copy, credit, and meals provided. This short film project will require two days of shooting.

SCHOOLS: We’re students (and friends) at Emerson College and Columbia University. Location: New York City/Brooklyn

Please send photo/resume to thealleyshortfilm@gmail.com. We will get back to you as soon as we can with the script and time of audition.

Thanks so much and hope to hear from you soon!





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