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Female Vampire Indie Film Auditions in NYC

To begin shooting in January 2010
September 24th – 26th (Thurs thru Sat) will continue our physical auditions for our upcoming female vampire feature. They will be held in New York City, location to be announced.


AMANDA BOLAND – American blonde, 20 something, sweet innocent country girl, obsessing on the dream wedding with her boyfriend James. Best friends (or so she thinks) with JESSICA.

AMANDA is a friendly, unassuming girl. The loss of her father at an early age has left her feeling it is best to not make waves. She has always given people the benefit of the doubt at the expense of herself. She cherishes her relationship with her MOTHER, and her best friend JESSICA. But something nags at Amanda; a growing sense of discontent fills her life. She is having relationship problems with JAMES, the only guy she’s ever been with, and starts to doubt if he truly loves her. She decides to explore the city with Jessica to see what she has been missing out on. While clubbing with Jessica, she becomes seduced by the night life, and is introduced to all of the temptations of what after-hours experiences have to offer. After making new friends in the club scene, she begins to question her sexuality after starting to lose interest in James, and finding herself attracted to the very dominant and attractive ANGELINE. Her curiosity gets her involved in a dangerous lesbian relationship, while still coming to terms with the feelings she has for her boyfriend. We watch her transform from her innocence into a deviant creature of the night.

JESSICA KAUFMAN – Goth chick, jet black hair, 20 something, pronounced bisexual, very promiscuous, Nurse by trade.

JESSICA is a wild, gothic club chic. Her unspoken motto is “to have a good time”. She tries to take nothing too seriously in life. Her main goal is self-gratification. Jessica’s choices to stand out and make a statement are products of her childhood. Both parents are gone, and she now owns her childhood home, however, there aren’t very good memories there. She has been friends with JAMES longer than with AMANDA, however considers her friendship with Amanda stronger. She is living a double life, having an affair with James on and off, without Amanda’s knowledge. She tries to sidetrack Amanda by introducing her to the wilder things in life. She works rotating shift in the Clinical Research Center of the hospital. On her current assignment, she has taken on the responsibility of recruiter to get volunteers to participate in a blood study. On the job as a nurse, she likes to get wild behind closed doors, leaving some of the doctors and interns with a smile on their face. Anything is up for grabs, which helps her avoid accountability in her life. But once she discovers the ramifications of her actions on the one person who truly cares about her (Amanda), she tries to make amends.

JAMES SCHOEL – pretty boy, jock type, asshole, unreliable. 20 something. Never held a job for longer than a few months.

JIMMY’s good looks and charm have made life all too easy. He’s into hanging out with the guys more than with his girlfriend. Not very romantic or passionate. Nor is he very faithful, as he has been having a fling with her best friend JESSICA, on and off for years. AMANDA’s dreams of the ultimate wedding have been pushing him away from commitment. But once she starts becoming less available, he can’t understand why he is losing her. He becomes jealous and obsessive when he does! His compulsion drives him to begin following her, which leads him to find out that she is involved with another woman, fueling his anger and confusion. Although Jimmy has never had any higher aspirations other than hanging out at the local bar, when forces greater than him start to “rock his world”, he finally has to fight for what is important to him.

CELESTE – VAMPIRE 2nd in Command – extremely attractive, late 20’s, cunning and deadly.

CELESTE was born in Italy in the early 1600’s. She is the most furious and cunning warrior in the clan. ANGELINE’s current lover, Celeste becomes very jealous and angry of Angeline’s interest in AMANDA. Her selfishness and greed for power knows no limits. She will protect the power that has been bestowed upon her as Angeline’s favored at any cost! She is deadly to both mortals and vampires in her pursuit of power. Her jealousy makes her reckless and ignorant of how her actions threaten the safety and sanctity of the Clan.

ANGELINE – HEAD VAMPIRE a classic beauty, late 30’s. Strong quiet type, very tall and erotic. Sensual and passionate, yet reserved. Very intelligent, and very controlling.

ANGELINE was born in Greece almost 700 years ago. She is the oldest vampire and Leader of the Clan. Through the years, she continues to look like the young woman she was before she was turned. She has survived for so long, because she knows the boundaries when mixing in with the mortal world. Angeline secretly yearns for mortal love to fulfill her desire to be human again. She craves the pursuit of this love, but her undead life will not allow it. Mortal love only ends with age and heartbreak. She has surrounded herself with undead companions whom she grows tired of.


DETECTIVE JOHN MURPHY – early 50’s, police detective on the case of his career.

DET. MURPHY’s disheveled and outward appearance make it hard to believe he is as smart as he is. Murphy’s thoughts are never on the details of how he looks, but on the details of his crime scenes. He has around a 90% solve rate in his precinct. His unorthodox style and whatever-it-takes attitude keep other detectives from wanting to partner with him, however they can’t help but be drawn to his whacky ability to uncover the truth.

He is German, with lineage to Nazi military history.

JULIAN – CLAN PROTECTOR – late 30’s, 6’5”, 300 lbs of brut force, the clan’s body guard.

JULIAN was Angeline’s first kill, and someone whom she had been in love with in her human life. He has become her protector and is bound to her by a sense of duty and admiration. He develops feelings of concern for each of the girls that Angeline introduces into the Clan. He watches over them and cleans up after them, to avoid suspicion from the mortal world. He ends up having to make difficult choices when jealousy and betrayal build up within the clan. When provoked, his force is deadly.

DR. FITZGERALD – Doctor in charge of the hemoglobin project that Jessica works on

MOM – Amanda’s mother





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