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New York, NY Casting Calls: Casting NYU Senior Thesis Film

Casting / Audition Details:
NYU Senior Thesis Film. 15 minutes, HD.
A psychological drama about a young schizophrenic woman, Maria Ana, who while running from her past seeks haven at a rural convent. But instead of the peace she’s hoping to find she is immersed into a web of deciet, corruption, and paranoia. As her stay wears on, and her symptoms mainfest more often, Father Milovich and the others at the convent become conivnced that she is a victim of demonic possession. And the only way to save her is to perform a brutal, and deadly, exorcism.


Father Milovich- Male, any ethnicity, 30-50, strong-willed and strong shouldered man, handsome. Becomes convinced that Maria Ana is possessed and heads the exorcism.

Mother Sophia- Female, white, 55-80, caring, yet stern. She takes Maria Ana under her wing and is not easily persuaded by Father Milovich’s paranoia. She is eventually convinced however and helps perform the exorcism.

Sister Anastasia- Female, white, 25-35, petite and doll-like. A novice nun who befriends Maria Ana and gets too close to Father Milovich.

Detective Johnson- Female, any ethnicity, 30-45, fierce and head-strong woman. A high-ranking homicide detective. She heads the investigation surrounding Maria Ana’s death.

Casting Call / Audition Details:
Casting Calls Categories: Student Film Casting Calls / Short Film Casting Calls
Location: New York, NY

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