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Casting notice: “Regretting Sarah”, Non-union Short Film on HD

Location of Casting: Producer’s Club, 358 West 44 Street, NYC
Project Title: Regretting Sarah

Format: Non-union Short Film on HD

Compensation: Non-pay, but food, credit and copy of project provided.

Calvin, a 12-year old boy, tries to win over Sarah, also 12 years of age, who he played with when he was younger. To impress her, Calvin and his older brother Justin hatch a plan: Justin scares Sarah to enable Calvin to “rescue” her. But, things don’t go as planned when Justin touches Sarah inappropriately. Calvin must choose between doing the right thing by revealing his conspiratorial role against Sarah or by being silent under the crush of guilt to protect his brother and maintain his friendship with Sarah.

Calvin (lead) 12 years old:

Calvin is a 12-year old boy with a very lively imagination. His shoulders hang loosely on his side as if they are ropes hanging from his body. He grew up in a middle class home in Brooklyn. Calvin’s father has never been a big part of Calvin’s life as he has been absent most of the time, while his mother was constantly physically present in Calvin’s life.

Justin (supporting):

Justin is Calvin’s sixteen-year-old brother. He has a well-built body and is very tall for his age. He exercises everyday and takes pride in satisfying his father’s expectations of a growing man. Justin’s father expects of Justin to be the man in the house while he is absent. Justin’s mother has felt alienated by Justin ever since he was born. At times, Justin enjoys exercising power over his brother.

Sarah (supporting) 12 years old:

Sarah is a 12-year old girl with low self-esteem. She grew up in a lower middle class home in Brooklyn. Her father is a dominant figure in the family, using physical abuse on occasion against Sarah spends most of her time avoiding her father and the conflicts generated from her parents. Sarah is in need of a friend who provides security and distraction.

Contact Info: Linda Brieda as Director, lindabrieda@gmx.de

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