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Casting notice for new musical “Hint”

Hint – a murderous new musical to be performed at FringeNYC 2009 is casting Equity and non-Equity actors! AEA New York International Fringe Festival Code(Pending Equity Approval)

Performances will be held between August 14th and 30th at the Minetta Lane Theatre

Please submit to hintcasting@gmail.com

Hint is the story of ten eccentric weekend guests who gather to hear the will of their late friend Uncle Willy, only to find that he has squandered away his fortune, and hidden his last treasure somewhere in his estate. When Willy’s last living heir is murdered, they conspire to find the treasure and keep it for themselves. But who will make it out alive?

With lots of comedy and a classic new musical theatre score, Hint exploits all the conventions of the traditional murder mystery. This is very much an ensemble show casting a variety of ages and types.


Lillian :30’s – Lillian is the last living heir to Willy’s fortune, and the executrix of his will. Dry Wit. ALTO/MIX

Henry : 60’s – A jolly drunk. Henry has been married to Martha for 40 years. He is trying to retire from the underwear business. BARITONE/TENOR

Martha: 60’s – Henry’s battle-axe wife. Martha wants desperately to live a better life. She adores Henry. Tough. MATURE ALTO

Nigel: 40’s – British Naval officer. Nigel is a mean spirited womanizer, who is easily annoyed by his loving fiancé Ursula. Handsome charming jerk. BARITONE

Ursula: 20’s – Sweet but very naive. Ursula is easily confused. She loves Nigel so much she does not see how poorly he treats her. Dimwit. HIGH SOPRANO w/ BELT

Marion: 20’s – Marion was engaged to Willy for five years at the time of his death. She is a French hussy. A flirt. Needs a man. HIGH BELT

Kathy: 40’s – American. Kathy writes a gossip column for a small publication in Minnesota , which Willy loved. She is eternally optimistic. Midwestern. MEZZO

Thelma: CAST 20’s – A social outcast. Thelma can’t find a way to fit in – anywhere. She enjoys pink dresses, dance clubs, and lost her guiding light when Uncle Willy died. She has a terrible lisp. STRONG BELT

Victoria: 40’s – On the outside, Victoria is cold, and dismissive. She has had a tough life. Synical, conniving, bitter. MEZZO/ STRONG BELT

Jim: 30’s – Jim is a creepy guy. Jim has a dangerously mysterious quality. He speaks infrequently, and makes everyone around him uncomfortable. BASS/BARITONE

Guinivere: 20’s – Guinivere is a bratty daddy’s girl. She is the filler, and the first guest to die. Prissy parasitic twit. MEZZO

See www.hintthemusical.com for more info.



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