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Casting non-union short student film “The ghost lady on the corner”

The story is about a girl who noticed a strange lady around her neighborhood, and suspects the lady to be a ghost. She talks about the lady to her friend. However she eventually find out that the ghost lady is her friend’s grandmother.
CASEY, 8-12 years-old, tells her friend, CHRIS, that she has noticed a strange OLD LADY hanging around the neighborhood. She thinks the old lady might even be a GHOST. CASEY tries to convince CHRIS to go with her to see this old lady, even though he doesn’t want to – she makes fun of him, accusing him of “being afraid.” Finally, he does go with her to sneak up on the old lady.
Together, they hide and watch the weird old lady act strange. Later, back in CASEY’s room, she tells CHRIS she thinks the old lady was killed there a long while ago and is now a “walking ghost!” He accuses her of having a crazy, vivid imagination and abruptly leaves her room – and seems to be upset about the whole thing.
Later, when the young girl decides to “spy” on the old lady again, she is surprised to see CHRIS and his MOTHER walking on the street with and the old lady, and overhears an angry exchange between them – From their conversation, CASEY realizes that “the old lady is CHRIS’s eccentric grandmother.” CASEY walks away, unnoticed and feels guilty that she has embarrassed her friend.

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CASEY (9-12 Hispanic/Latin)
Casey She is a girl who is talkative and mischievous, who grew up in not wealthy neighborhood. In the movie, she notices an old wired lady hanging around the neighborhood. She suspects the old lady to be a ghost.

CHRIS (9-12 Hispanic/Latin)
He is a boy who is a little modest, but active. He grew up in not wealthy neighborhood, and he has a female accompany who grew up in the same block. He has an eccentric grandmother roaming on a street corner. He keeps her presence as a secret.

SAMELA (CHRIS’S MOTHER) (30-47 Hispanic/Latin)
She has a mother who became mentally disable. Her mother roams on the street corner everyday. She is frustrated by his son who cannot accept his grandmother. As she knows her mother before she went to crazy, she pays some respect on her mother and doesn’t want her son to shame of his grandmother.

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