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Casting for the School for Visual Arts thesis film – NY

Casting Call Details:
Casting for the School for Visual Arts thesis film “Picking Up the PEACEs.”

Synopsis: A slice of life film depicting a young woman in her struggle to bridge the two worlds in which she lives in: New York City and home.
She goes through a series of hallucinations and dreams that hinder her from ‘coming out’ and being honest.
Non-union. Payment is lo/no/deferred. Shooting in NY and NJ.

Seeking: Lee, 22. White. She is a strong, independent woman. Very beautiful but not very girly. She is the lead’s girlfriend, and pushes her to overcome all her fears. Dad, early 50s. White. He is a stern, old-fashioned man, who doesn’t know any other way but his. He is a very flawed man but has a huge heart. Thug 1, hassles the lead about her sexuality and gives her a hard time. Thug 2, is Thug 1’s accomplice and does anything he is told.

Casting Call Location: New York, NY
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