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“A second before a second call”

Short Film / Non-Union / 04/18/08-04/ 19/08
Project Name:”A second before a second call”
Project Type:Short Film
Union Status:Non-Union
Submissions Due By:4/15/2008
Run(Usage):04/ 18/08-04/ 19/08
Rate:NO PAY INVOLVED. Will receive copy for
reel, credit, meals and transportation.

Director:Josefina Mata
Production Company:Sui Generis Productions
Network Studio:NYFA
Casting Dates:Thursday,
April 10/08
Audition Location:NYFA UNION SQ
100 E 17th Street
New York NY 10003
Shoot/Performance Dates:April 18/08- April 19/08

Casting Directors:Josefina Mata
Casting Coordinators: Estefania Fernandez

Synopsis – A Second Before a Second Call, explores through Nietzche’s Eternal Return theory the relationship between Sabina, Marla and Peter, over and over again.

MARLA / Lead / Female / Caucasian / 24-32
Late 20s. Caucasian. Dark Hair. New Yorker. Photographer. Bisexual. Falls in-love easily. Obsessed with
having a baby.
Wardrobe: Wears Dark Clothes.

SABINA / Lead / Female / Caucasian / 20-30
Mid 20s. Caucasian. Dark Hair. French or Able to speak or do French Accent (both in French and English). Philosopher. Bisexual.

PETER / Lead / Male / Caucasian / 25-35
Early 30s. Caucasian. New Yorker. Heterosexual. Conservative. Infertile. Actor.
Wardrobe: Dresses Formally.

Send Headshot and Resume as an ATTACHMENT. If possible, bring copy with you to Audition.

Do NOT reply to this posting if you do not fit the requirements.

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