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Casting for four lead roles for a short film “Fragile”

“Fragile” is a short that explores the fragility of life amidst the harrowing turns of fate that life often throws at us. It follows two characters Daniel, a 55 year old writer with a health condition married to a woman half his age, and Eric, a fifteen year old karate champion who loses his will to fight after losing his mother to muggers. Their lives intersect when a robber holds Daniel’s wife Karen, Eric and the other customers at gun point. As his wife prays for a miracle, Daniel struggles with the decision of whether to pull the trigger on himself. Can the fifteen year old karate champion overcome his fears and save the other customers? Will Daniel break his promise to Karen by taking his own life?

Eric – 18-25 High School Look, Asian
Physically fit, former state karate champion, consumed by guilt over his mother’s death. Gentle features, at first glance wouldn’t strike you as dangerous.

Daniel – 50s-60s, Caucasian
Aged, hair: white/graying. , delicate features, depressed and emotionally conflicted. Caught between a desire to support his wife and an inability to provide for her. A writer who has a condition that makes him unable to do anything physically strenuous.

Karen – mid 20s-30s Asian
Resilient young woman, who was battered by her ex-boyfriend and unsupported by her mother. Studying to become a nurse, while working a full time job as a grocery store clerk.

Abusive ex-boyfriend mid 20s-40s
Abusive, deranged and sadistic ex-boyfriend of Karen; very unpredictable and short tempered.

Please send resume/head shots/reel if available to: kaiwen.productions@gmail.com.

Auditions to be held – Mid-August
Estimated Shoot Date: Mid-September

Compensation: Unpaid, but traveling expenses and meals provided. Copy of DVD for reel will be provided as soon as final cut is completed.

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