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Casting Call for Thesis Film “Dharma” – Brooklyn, NY

Dharma is a project that I have been working on for close to a year. This will be my thesis film and will be shot around the weekend of October 24th until October 26th and the 29th. These will be night shoots and will consist of some night exterior filming as well as night interior filming. The filming will take place in Brooklyn, NY in kings county on East 35th street in and around my apartment complex. The cast that I need consists of 3 characters, all being at least 20 years old and up. The 3 actors I am looking for must be able to work on the week and will be willing to spend time working in the A.M. The film will take place at night and will be shot just when the sun starts to come down during the daytime. Below is a list of the characters that I need actors for and if interested in any of them, please contact me (preferably by text and voicemail) with your name and the role you would like to apply for as well as an email address. I will be able to do auditions by appointment and will also let you know when we can meet. Of course please read below and tell me what role you are most interested in. Thank you for your interest in this casting call.

Adrian Harmon- For this role I would like an actor who can play the tough smart guy as well as the kind gentle person who ultimately fights for what he wants and what he believes is right.

Adrian is a con man who was once homeless when his single mother died leaving him all alone. Because he was older he couldn’t go to a boys home but was found on the streets by his soon to be partner. When Adrian is assigned to his first solo scam he performs well until he starts to fold under pressure when asked a question he was not prepared for. When Adrian succeeds he now find a more confident self and eventually leads him down the road as a professional thief who is now used to his line of work. Seeing a cop at his front door makes him revert back to his old unsure self and is in a hurry to get to his partner. Eventually he comes to a meeting in which he has to face a dark face from his past and must plead for his life or whatever little time he has left. After a choice of saving himself or risking his life to help another he makes the decision that will ultimately decide the person he will be.

Bill Luge- For this role I need an actor who has anger and sadness. Bill is a genially good person who goes through a series of unfortunate events leaving him broken and desperate.

Bill is a man who is troubled throughout the entirety of the story. Bill starts off as a kid who is attempting to make a transfer between bank accounts when he is contacted by somebody he believes to be a bank employee. Bill is an only child whose parents are on life support and he has been struggling over time to stay sane. Because he didn’t learn how to take care of himself in the real world he hasn’t learned how to live life inn his own yet. Eventually he realizes he is talking to a con artist and when he calls a cop who doesn’t believe him he starts to feel as if he has failed. In time Bill becomes homeless and is desperate for cash until a man trips over him revealing money by accident and Bill sees this as a way to get easy money. Bill is motivated by this money but is still unsure of himself when he has the gun to the persons back. Over a conversation he realizes that the person he is robbing caused his misery and loses his rationality while he decides to get revenge the only way he knows how to. When a police officer eventually catches Bill in the act Bill pleads with the cop to let arrest the man he is robbing because he believes that he found the person who robbed him 1st. When the officer wants to arrest them both Bill pleads for his life and feels as if he has been failed again.

Chit Myrtle- For this character I will need an actor who is apathetic and cares for nobody but his own gain. Chit is a detective who’s only motivation is to support himself and to get through ever day with him on top.

Chit is an urban detective who has been called for an emergency at the end of his shift where all he wants to do is go home. Because of his reaction to Bill’s case he decides that this Bill is a paranoid person and is impatiently trying to leave the house in a hurry. Getting lazy he decides not to file a police report thinking that it was just a boy crying wolf. Chit is eventually fired when it is found out that his neglect caused the person to get robbed. Chit is demoted and this causes him to change his act. Chit eventually gets a lead to the con artist when he is about to knock on the person’s door. When he sees a suspicious person speed walking past the place he notices that they might be the same person he’s looking for. After searching for a bit Chit eventually stumbles upon a robbery where he finds the person who he was following is being robbed at gunpoint. When Chit tries to arrest both of them he doesn’t even empathize with the robber who tells him that this was both of their faults. Chit out of greed and impatience goes to arrest the robber when he is knocked out by the con man and now has lost both of them.

Casting Calls Categories: Student Film Casting Calls
Audition Date: Anytime before Oct. 10th, Make an appointment.
Project: Auditions for Thesis Film “Dharma”
Casting Call Location: Brooklyn, NY

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