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Casting call for the three lead roles in the upcoming short film “Recluse”

Award-winning filmmakers at FLYbyNIGHT Studios are currently auditioning for the three lead roles in their upcoming short film entitled “Recluse.” Director: Cameron Lewis.

“Recluse,” a film in the style of “Lars & the Real Girl” and “Punch Drunk Love,” is about PAUL, an agoraphobic photographer, and his roommate and neighbor’s attempts to encourage him to get up and see what’s outside of his own safe apartment.

PAUL: Male 18-24. Caucasian. Freelance photographer. Terrified to leave his own home. Secretly attracted to his neighbor JOANNA. Lives with extremely irritating and intrusive roommate SEAN.

SEAN: Male 18-24. Any Ethnicity. Roommate of PAUL. Awkward roommate type. Must be comfortable appearing in tightie-whities.

JOANNA: Female 18-24. Caucasian. Neighbor of PAUL and SEAN. Outwardly free-spirited and fun-loving, partially to cover mild depression. Very attracted to PAUL.

To submit email a headshot and resume to flybynightstudioscasting@yahoo.com.
Auditions will be held in Manhattan on December 13th midday.
Filming will take place in Brooklyn on February 6th – 8th, 2009.
Please be available for these dates if you submit.
Thank you and we look forward to meeting with you.
Producer Casting Director: Bryan Dechart.

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