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Casting call for Student Independent feature film

Student/Independent feature film that will be shot in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Good Food and a Copy of the film will be provided at the end. Location for audition is:
Champion Studio 257 West 39th, 14th floor NY NY 10018, between 7th and 8th Ave. 9AM-11AM April 20/2008. E-mail me your information and head shot @ woodjguar26@hotmail.com

Film synopsis:
It is a drama that involves a successful doctor’s infidelity that leads to a bitter divorce with a beautiful wife that he cherishes.

I’m looking for the following characters:
Character_1 -Female House Wife Aged 25-35-Any ethnicity >>Looking for meaning in her life, she like to get along with people and care for them. She like to express herself and be honest, she like to be important in people life. She always thinks about the future and a perfect world, good friends and love.

Character_2 -Male Doctor Aged 25-35-Any ethnicity >> Womanizer, Infidel, unfaithful. He likes his concubines to be loyal to him, he is a control frick. He prefers woman who can keep a secret, he breaks every rule that supposed to be back bone of any relationship.

Character_3 -Male Artist/Photographer /painter Aged 25-35-Any ethnicity >> Very curious, investigating. He likes to look at the big picture, not judgmental, easy going but can easily be seduced. Very suave and charismatic, he is cool, calm and collected. He likes activities that involve Painting/ photography. He is very smart; he values intelligence, insightful, fairness and justice. He like to set his own standards, he enjoy seeking fundamental truths.

Character_4 – Female Waitress Aged 25-35-Any ethnicity>> She like action, she goes for it on a moment’s notice. She’s witty, seductive, charming and bold. She sees life as a game, she acts on impulse, she like adventure, she like to compete and she’s very skillful at what she does. She’s very unpredictable; she likes fun, change, and excitement. She likes to leave life to the fullest and have a cheerful outlook. She doesn’t care about the outcome of her action or what people say about her.

Character_5 – Female Marriage Therapist Aged 45-55-Any ethnicity>> Very elegant, slam and sexy. She enjoys her job very much. She always plans ahead of time. She wears very sophisticated glasses. She is very professional; she is a very skillful mediator. She tries to solve every possible problem that has to do with marriage.

Character_6 – Female Recent College Graduate Aged 22-25-Any ethnicity >> Thrill seeker, very energies down for anything any time and anywhere. She’s a job hunter, goes with the flow, like to have fun and party animal.

Character_7 – Male Low Life Aged 29-39-white> > Try to hold control of his life. Always angry and take it on other people. He blames others for his failure. Very lonely.

Character_8 – Kid Aged 7-13 and mother 29-39- any ethnicity>> looking for remedy for her son who’s seek

Character_9-Male and Female Parent Aged 55-65 Black>> Very caring, Stable and secure. They enjoy tradition and frequent celebrations. They likes to spend holidays with the whole family.

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