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Casting Call for Student Film “Night in the City” – New York, NY

Casting Call Details:
”Night in the City” is a senior-thesis film project from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. The film follows multiple strangers on a single night in downtown Manhattan, and incorporates bizarre imagery and surrealist humor. Filled to the brim with lovably quirky characters, Night in the City is about the magical yet tangible experience of walking through the city that never sleeps, as the story of your own life intersects with millions of others at unique and impressionable angles.

Shooting in New York City November 6-11.


Woman – Late 20’s, This woman is the titular character whose journey weaves through and joins the other various storylines. She has the vitality of youth and the ambition of an up-and-comer in the business sector. When she sees a wallet on the street, her fiery passion for justice and doing good leads her on a wild goose chase to return it to its owner.

Old Man – 60’s-70’s, This gentleman is the sweet, kind old man we all wish was our grandfather. Pleasantly carefree, he greets every new day as a celebration. Clueless to the fact he accidentally dropped his wallet, he’s even more oblivious to the fact that someone is running all over town trying to return it to him…

Kid A – 21, Street savvy and hip to the beat, this college-aged kid is the coolest thing on two feet this side of the lower east side. He listens to all the awesome bands you’ve never heard of, but he’s actually very modest about it. He could be the most popular guy in town, if he was really into that. Overall, a very chill, down-to-earth fellow who’s well received and respected by his peers.

Kid B – 21, This college-aged kid is almost aggressively cool. He leaves no doubt that he’s listened to all the cool music you’ve never heard of, and will remind others constantly that they are inferior to his awesomeness. His ‘vintage’ wardrobe is sickeningly stylish, and one can’t help but get the feeling that he smokes just because it looks cool. He’s a giant ego with legs.

Kid C – 21, Kind but naive, this college-aged kid is a sweet but spineless guy. In group settings he often resorts to being a wallflower, and letting others do the talking. On the occasion that he does join the conversation, he’s very complacent in being put down or picked on by others. Overall, he doesn’t mean any harm, and will do what he can to keep the peace, even if he can’t help his own awkwardness at times…

Real Guy – 25, A young professional, this guy is smart and kind, if at times a little nervous or shy. His best friend and roommate is an animated cartoon character, and their favorite pastime is hopping between bars and striking out each time. He doesn’t claim to understand women, but he’s grown lonely, and hopes to someday find a girl he truly connects with.

Trumpeter – 50’s, This man is a hearty, well-aged gentleman as well as a talented musician. Jazz is the first love in his life, and serves as his lifeblood. That said, he’s also a caring and sincere friend to those who know him, and has a heart of gold which shines as bright as his prized trumpet horn. Should be able to play either trumpet, saxophone, or trombone.

Old Friend – 50’s, As his name suggests, this man is a lifelong friend of the trumpeter. He’s beginning to age gracefully into a grumpy old man, and seems to find new things to complain about every day. Although he appears tough and callous on the outside, he still cares very deeply about his friend, and cherishes their moments together – even if he won’t openly admit it.

Math Head – 20’s, The Math Heads are strange beings, not animals but certainly not humans, who possess incredible intellectual capacity. Their heads are glowing shapes of energy, as if they are made of pure math itself. In spite of their cold, calculating abilities, they have kind, empathetic personalities, like one would expect from any sensible person. Face will not be seen; body and voice only.

Frenchwoman – 20’s, This woman has visited from France to see her old friend who has moved to New York. Unfortunately, she has a terrible sense of direction, and has never been to a place like New York before. As her cell phone dies, her options become limited as she doesn’t speak English and has trouble finding anyone who understands her. For her, New York is a hostile and unforgiving city that is starting to get on her nerves. Should be able to speak French.

Hillary – 21, A college-aged kid, Hillary is a laid back but sensible young woman. Practical and opinionated, she can be highly vocal among her friends. She can be impatient at times, but her friends know her as a loyal and good-hearted friend who always has good intentions.

Teens – 15-17, These teenagers are a cross product of upper-middle-class privilege and the timeless search for the next big high that infects adolescents worldwide. Reckless and adventurous, these teens will experiment with practically anything to get some excitement in their lives. Though they might describe themselves as edgy and rugged, they might not be so tough and hardcore as they claim to be…

Drug Dealer – 30, A large, intimidating force, this dealer is tough as nails and is not to be messed with. His vast and lengthy experience with selling drugs makes him something of a veteran, and has hardened him to the bone. No one would dare cross him, as they hold too much respect for him, as well as fear. His friendship only belongs to those who earn it, everyone else is strictly a customer.

Hooded Man – 30, This mysterious figure never reveals his face, save for one large cyclopean eye in the center of his head. Just as he covers the rest of his head in a large, bulky hoodie, so too does he keep to himself and remain secretive to those around him. He has only one friend whom he has opened up to, and to all others he is a total stranger. Face will not be seen; body and voice only.

Pizza Guy – 30’s-40’s, a simple man with simple pleasures, this guy would be pretty ordinary if it weren’t for his 4 arms. Oftentimes he can be seen keeping to himself, minding his own business, and eating 4 pizza slices at once, holding each slice in one of his 4 hands. Though a little greasy and grimy at times, this man has seemingly found the key to happiness itself.

Audition Date: TBD
Project: Auditions for Short Student Film “Night in the City”
Casting Call Location: New York, New York

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