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Casting call for student film at NYFA, filming 7/20/2009

Hello my name is Edward McCann and I am looking for two male actors to be in my next student film. I am in the New York Manhattan area and I will be filming on Monday July 20th 2009. The basic plot of the short is that a suspect is running from a detective and we have picked up in the middle of the chase. We follow the chase as it continues a few blocks and after the suspect flees to the roof off a building the detective finally gets his man. it will be a black and white silent film as I am a student at the NYFA. these roles will require a lot of running.

As I am a student I will not be able to pay the actors directly but I will supply food and water, and a free copy of the DVD.


Suspect-this character is a man who will do anything in his power to escape from the detective who is pursuing him disregarding all safety to the general public and it property. He is a man in his early 30’s and relatively fit. He was approached by the officer and rather than go quietly he has decided his best option is to run. We do not know if this man is guilty or not but he wont go down without a fight.

Detective-this man has recently caught up to his main suspect in an ongoing investigation and will not stop until he gets his man. He is a clean cut cop in his mid 20’s to late 30’s and is able to think quickly on his feet.

Again my name is Edward McCann and you can reach me at (858)442-8995 or email me at emccann86@yahoo.com




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