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Casting Call for Short Film “The Heart Breakers” – New York, NY

Casting Call Details:
There are four main characters in our short film, all of the characters are main characters. Since we’ve had candidates for “Josh” and “Samuel” please choose from Devin and Brandon.

Josh: slightly Over weight and a bit silent, afraid of his wife. Oldest of the group of four.
He used to be the leader of this little group but after high school he discontinued education ends up marrying the not so sweet ‘high school sweet heart’ and selling vitamins over the phone. He considers himself a loser. Although he seems totally unfit the little group they still see him as a good friend because he was the leader after all.

Devin: the player, the attractive one with all year long financial problem. Even he has no money, he has to look good because he grew up as the most attractive one in the group. With the good looks he gets whatever girls he wants Josh is always jealous about it. He constantly asks Devin how to pick up girls but he never actually tried to.
We prefer Asian Latin American Italian or black ethnicity.

Brandon: the pothead who is always popping weed like crazy. He is a musician or at least a bit artistic. Long hair. He used to the smart one when he was in high school, but after his parents died he dropped out of college. He started abused weed and alcohol from then. He had a dream of becoming a great musician but this never worked out. He is now a cashier at Walgreen’s.

Samuel: the fabulous gay who is the nicest and happiest guy among the four of them. He is a fashion buyer and a writer for a fashion magazine. Back to their junior years, everyone was picking on him because he was different, the little group was the only friends he had. Although he has everything he wants now, the three guys are still his best friends and precious. He had a little crush on Devin, but Devin never accepted him, they remained friends. But he helps Devin out by letting him work with him as a fashion buy because he appreciates his taste.

Casting Calls Categories: Short Film Casting Calls
Audition Date: Tuesday June 19th 2012 or TBD
Project: The Heart Breakers
Casting Call Location: New York, NY

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