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Casting Call for Short Film “Operation House” – New York, NY

Casting Call Details:
“Operation House” – Short Film. A story about acceptance and how hard it is sometimes to accept certain secrets from your lover’s past. In a place where the parallel to becoming engaged is giving someone the key to your apartment, Blake and Lana finally take the next step in their relationship resulting in Lana entering Blake’s apartment while he is out. The catch however is that once Blake leaves his apartment and is no longer there it morphs into something far for more surreal in that each room transforms into a particular memory good or bad that has impacted his life the most. As Lana ventures through the self-destructive interactive living space she is faced with certain secrets that may either end their relationship or bring them closer together.


BLAKE | Male | Caucasian, Hispanic, Multi-Ethnic | Age: 23 – 33 | Role Type: Supporting
Blake would be described as a castle filled with many melted candles. He has had a rough past and because of this has had difficulty opening up, even to his girlfriend of five years. He is sweet, doesn’t always think things through but in the end just wants to take his relationship to a complete and honest level even if it ends up getting him in trouble.

LANA | Female | Caucasian, Hispanic, Multi-Ethnic | Age: 21 – 31 | Role Type: Leading
Lana is a genuine, smart, kind and adventurous woman who only wants be in relationships that are completely honest and binded by trust. Even though she has secrets of her own, her main objective is to help Blake (her fiance) come to terms with everything he has ever gone through so that they are able to accept each other’s complete and whole selves. In the process of doing so, Lana is faced with many unpleasant secrets from Blake’s past that put their relationship in danger.

Casting Calls Categories: Short Film Casting Calls / Lead Roles Casting Calls
Audition Date: March 19, 2012 (1-6pm)
Project: Casting Call for Short Film “Operation House”
Casting Call Location: New York, New York

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