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Casting call for non-union short movie “La Soledad”

La Soledad- Movie Short

Writer/Director – Danielle Berarducci

Producer – Alanda Spence

Assistant Producer – Jacquelyn Lobel

Casting Director – Robin Steinthal

Casting Associate – Tom Kammer

Editor – Daniel Gilbert (True Entertainment)

Shoot Location: NYC

Start Date: TBD (approx. early Oct.), 1 weekend (3 nights/1day not all roles will be required full time)

Compensation: food/reel*

La Soledad: This is the story of a teenage romance between 2 girls, Soledad and Inez. Being raised a part of a Hispanic family in NYC, Sole struggles against homophobia and racism within her culture and family. The Morales family loves Sole yet have a growing discomfort in her “friendship” with Inez. Despite her struggle to define herself, investigate her feelings and fight for love, Soledad’s family each react to her relationship in different ways – some more forgivable than others.


Soledad: early 20’s to play 17yrs. Hispanic female. Soledad is an intelligent, sweet girl that keeps a deep secret from her family – she is a lesbian. She is in love with Inez, but is unable to voice her affection, nor come out to her family. For all sakes a well-mannered daughter, her inner emotions begin to flare as she struggles to define herself, and protect herself and her love. Actress must be comfortable with sexual content/situation with another woman. No nudity. Lead

Paul: early-mid 20s to play 19-21yrs. Hispanic male. Soledad’s older brother, he is of medium to broad build and medium skin tone. Dark hair and dark eyes, he is attractive and masculine. He has a cocky sense of self when it comes to the opposite sex, yet he is soft spoken and falls under the radar, trying to not draw too much attention to himself. Tall dark and brooding, he has some skeletons in his closet. Consumed by the arousing thought of Inez being a lesbian, focused on his own urges he almost unknowingly takes sexual advantage her. Principle.

Efrain: Hispanic male. Soledad’s younger brother is around the age of 15-16, he is small and wormy. Dark hair and dark eyes as well. Very self assured and rude, Efrain embodies all the stereotypical hate of homosexuality taught to him by his cultural upbringing. Principle.

Abuelo (Buelo): Hispanic male, to play 70s. Soledad’s grandfather, is an old, shorter senile man. He is of medium build and has white hair and possibly a mustache or beard. Because of his senility he often does unstructured things that come from no where, i.e., singing out loud with no warning, getting up and walking away from a conversation, etc. Actor must be comfortable carrying a tune. A boisterous or unconventional sound is welcome, looking for a strong sense of character over tonality. Principle.

Alba: Hispanic female, 40s – early50yrs, Soledad’s mother is the matriarch in the house, she runs an old fashioned household where the women cook and clean and keep things under control. Alba is small framed and aged through stress but very pretty. She is quiet and opinionated. As with most mothers, she knows much more than she lets on. Fluent to knowledgeable Spanish required. Principle.

Mr. Morales: Hispanic male, 40s-early 50 yrs. Soledad’s father, he is a desked police officer that has developed a weathered and round figure. He has salt and pepper hair and possibly a mustache. He is loud and opinionated. He is fairly rude but loves his family in particular his only daughter Soledad. Protective of his Sole, his disgust of Inez’s presence comes out in actions and demeanor more so than words. Fluent to knowledgeable Spanish required. Principle.

Inez: (cast)

* In light of the current recession, we are fostering the creative renaissance happening in NYC. Using a full production crew from working industry professionals looking to diversify their skill set, we’re interested in experienced actors looking to experiment with type or expand range.





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