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Casting call for independent feature film “Evil Things II”

Casting call for independent non-union feature-length horror/thriller “Evil Things II”.
This is a paying gig (food, lodging, transportation, and copy of movie provided)

Story Line: While producing an independent movie (a comedic road-trip) a group of indie filmmakers realize that someone or something has been watching and following them. Strange images begin showing up on their daily footage. They don’t know who or what it is or why it’s happening. They only know that it’s getting closer. Press record and let the nightmare begin!

This will be an old-fashioned style scary movie whose power is derived from suspense and effective acting. Not blood, gore and CGI. What you don’t see is infinitely more frightening than what you do.

Strong improvisational skills required for all roles.

Casting Director: Herman Steckler
Producer: Mario Valdez
Director: Dominic Perez
Writer: Dominic Perez

Interview Date(s): By Invitation
Shoot/Start Date(s): FALL 2009
Location: NYC, Upstate Connecticut, Upstate NY

19-30 Years Old
Any ethnicity, female. Amara is the lead actress in this movie-within- a-movie. She is youthful, healthy and innocent. Amara is the kind of girl you bring home to meet mom and dad. She comes from a middle-class American family with solid ethical/moral values. She could have played Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz or Maria in The Sound of Music.

19-30 Years Old
Any Ethnicity, female. Charlotte is a supporting actress in this movie-within- a-movie. She is beautiful and very sexy, but fun and down to earth. Most men are instantly attracted to Charlotte when she walks into a room, although she is unpretentious. She is feisty and tough, yet can be goofy and playful.

19-30 Years Old
Any ethnicity, female. In this movie-within- a-movie Varla plays a dead-serious super-sexy Amazonian type vixen who just happens to be a deadly hit-woman. Varla’s character wears black all the time and is willing and able to use her kung-fu skills at a moment’s notice. Although appearing tough and hardcore, Varla is really lots of fun on the set. She has great discipline and takes her acting work very seriously despite the fact that she’s currently acting in a comedy.

19-30 Years Old
Any ethnicity, female. Isis is the production manager and sound engineer in this movie-within- a-movie. Less of a beauty and more of a chubby bubbly character type. She is has always been a cheerleader type, but has never managed to make the squad because, even though she has the right outgoing personality, she’s never had the body or face of a cheerleader.

19-30 Years Old
Any ethnicity, male. He is the lead actor in this movie within a movie. A very likeable good-looking down to earth guy with his share of flaws. Even though he’s confident, good-looking and has great charisma, Bronson has a bit of a rebel/outsider edge to him. He’s a bit like Johnny Depp. Girls feel really comfortable around Bronson and other guys want to be his friend instantly. He is unthreatening, outgoing and friendly. And his smile instantly disarms people. He is an alpha-male with an edge.

19-30 Years Old
Any ethnicity, male. Marcus is the writer/director/ producer/ editor of this movie-within- a-movie. Marcus is young, cute and geeky. He’s obsessed with details yet he easily sees the overall picture. He is bursting with excitement and enthusiasm as he discusses movie directors, films, and filmmaking. Marcus grew up devouring comic books and saw just about every movie that ever came out. He’s a walking encyclopedia of movies and moviemaking. He’s the kind of kid you would see at a Star Trek convention.

19-30 Years Old
Any ethnicity, male. Paul (a childhood friend of the Marcus the director) is the behind-the-scenes videographer in this movie within a movie. The plan is to use Paul’s footage to create a behind-the-scenes- video for the DVD extras. It turns out that Paul’s footage becomes the movie-within- a-movie as he documents this indie cast and crew as they descend into a terrifying nightmare. Paul makes extra money as a videographer shooting weddings, bar-mitzvahs, birthday parties…etc. NOTE: This role requires actual videography experience. You will be required to shoot handheld footage that will be used for the film. (i.e. Cloverfield, Blair Witch, Quarantine or Evil Things Part 1?)





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