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Casting call for dramatic feature film “The Sunset Sky”

Finite Media LLC is casting for the dramatic feature film “The Sunset Sky.”
Director: Olivier Bernier. Non-union. No Pay.
Synopsis: Film is about a brother and sister who, after being evicted from
their home, go on a road trip of self-discovery. Based on the award winning short film.

Send headshots and resumes to Sabrina Lantos, Sunset Sky Casting, 230
East 7th Street, Apt 3B, NYC, 10009.

Shoot starts mid June. See us at www.thesunsetsky.com.


Charlie: male, age 18-24, Caucasian. Charlie is autistic which causes him to be
withdrawn from normal social behavior (Lead Role).

Young Charlie: male, age 6-10, Caucasian. (Major) Charlie has autism. He is
difficult and awkward and has frequent tantrums due to his condition.

Young Jennifer: female, age 11-14, Caucasian. Has a maturity beyond her
years and knows how to deal with her brother Charlie when he has tantrums. Brunette. (Lead)

Mother: female, age 31-40, Caucasian. Seen in flashbacks, she is the mother of young
Charlie and Jennifer. She struggles with Charlie and his disability. She has long brown hair.

Cowboy: m/f, age 31-40, Caucasian. Requires Nudity. Rough around the edges
yet has a seductive charm. (Lead)

Margaret: female, age 41-50, Caucasian. (Major) A heavy middle-aged woman,
Margaret is Jennifer and Charlie’s aunt. She has two young children, and an aggressive
husband. She is sloppy and crass and smokes pot.

Sheriff: age 51-60, Caucasian. (Major) A kind small town sheriff who have known
Jennifer and Charlie their whole lives.

Cashier: male, age 51-60, Caucasian. (Major) Skinny, leather faced lady, this
cashier works the night shift in a Quick Mart on the side of the highway
somewhere in Kansas. She is hardened. She is abrasive and speaks with a
smoker’s voice and pulls a gun on Jennifer.

Father: age 51-60, Caucasian. (Major) Jennifer and Charlie’s father. He abandoned
his children, moved to New Jersey and changed his name. He has a deep voice and
dark slicked back black hair and is unkempt. Appears in flashbacks in his 30’s and
then later in his 50’s.

Abbey: female, age 18-24, Caucasian. (Major) She peaks Charlie’s interest in
the parking lot of the sunset motel in Jersey. She has soft eyes and long wavy
brown hair. She is sweet to Charlie despite his clumsy awkwardness and flirts
with him.

Susan: female, age 41-50, all ethnicities. (Major) She is an unkempt woman who
is sick and tired of being mistreated by her no good husband. She becomes
empowered and takes action when she learns of what he has done to his daughter.

Reporter: m/f, age 31-40, all ethnicities. (Major) Reports on the murder/suicide
of Susan and John at the Sunset Motel in New Jersey.

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