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Casting call for an independent feature (NY)

Haven’t Slept Productions
Produced by Sebastian Rea and Davi Santos.
Haven’t Slept Productions is developing an independent feature. It’s a coming of age story through the eyes of Dante, who lives a pretty normal teenage life; he has normal friends, IVAN, LEILA, and NATI, and they go to a normal high school. But when his girl friend Vicki gets deported – no one knew about this situation – reality begins to reveal itself. The film is a self-deprecating account of the “American tradition” that deals with popular culture and current social issues such as illegal immigration, the DREAM Act, consumerism, and sexuality.

We are looking for the role of Leila:
Leila is friends with Vicki. They are more like club girlfriends, assembling a group whenever they need wing-men. Leila is always down for a night out, smoking and drinking. She focuses on what she looks like, dieting, cloths, sex, and remaining on top of the teenage social ladder. If others need help, she probably doesn’t know about it, and if they ask her for help, she’ll expect a reward. Although Leila is the very hot, cocky, intimidating “Queen Bee” in high school. All the guys want her, and the girls always notice her. She loves the attention. When Vicki gets deported, her interest in Dante manifest; what’s there to worry about? Her friend and his old girlfriend (Vicki) is gone and she knows she’s hot. Dante won’t see her because of his relationship with Vicki, but with his girlfriend ousted, now is her chance to catch up and “cheer him up”. She’s hot, sexy, blessed with beauty at an early age, but a first class bitch. She’s a princess because she has always gotten away with it. Materialistic and shallow, she even has a side-kick, a wanna be named Nati. Nati is always around, backing up Leila, less pretty and thus obvious good company. With Nati around, neither girls are ever alone…

If you are interested, please let me know ASAP so I can send you sides and schedule an audition. Include when you’re available and a number we can reach you.

Send Head-shot and availability.

The film is non-paying, but credit will definitely be given.

Location: New York, NY

Contact: Email: Hsp.casting@live.com, Phone: 347-421-4661

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