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Casting for indie feature film

Non-SAG Ultra Low Budget Feature Film Shooting in June through July in South Jersey
Casting for “THE DEAD END OF THE WOODS” a gothic horror puzzler about an isolated small town haunted by the ghosts of its past. Sprawling film has elements of supernatural mystery, deadpan satire, and classic melodrama with a large, Dickensian cast of characters.

These are a handful of characters we’re looking to cast to give you an example of what we’re looking for, but anyone interested should reply ASAP as we are really looking for actors of all ages-male and female to build a strong ensemble.

Ralph Bartleby-Male, 30s-40’s-owner and operator of the Bartleby Arms-a cheap old hotel for drug addicts and prostitutes on the other side of town. Bartleby is a pimp and drug dealer with aspirations to improve himself.

Mrs. Bartleby-Female, 30s-40s-The Madam who runs the “house”, a group of prostitutes she treats quite cruelly. She had a child once and left it to die in the woods when it got in her way.

Alice-Female, early 20s-A strange young woman whose innocent demeanor masks a cruel and vile nature.

Charlie Fox-50s-Chief of Police-missing for one year at the start of the story.

Emily-Female, early 20s-a young woman forced into prostitution to keep Bartleby from killing her drug addicted younger brother. She intends to stay in service to him until she can pay off his debts. A mysterious pregnancy shakes up her plans.

Scarlet Grey-Female, 20s-poses as a nun in order to gain access to secret documents. She is a con artist looking for buried money she’s learned exists in the town and ,unknown to her, is actually the daughter of Mrs. Bartleby,

Charlie Jr.-Male, 20s-Emily’s brother. A desperate drug addict just scraping by to survive. He’s forced by Bartleby into doing some horrific acts.

Hal McGregor-Male, 50s-editor of the smalltown paper.

Foster Grant-Male, 30s-40s-private detective who comes to town armed with the photograph of a girl whose gone missing. “Her life is in great danger.” Yeah, from him.

There are about 15 other roles as well. Most roles will be 3-4 days of shooting tops, some only 1. Shooting will take place in South Jersey. Actors must be available to shoot during the week starting Sunday June 28th- Friday July 3rd. .You will not be shooting every day but scheduling will depend on everyone’s availability. Any other days in July that may be needed will be worked out based on mutual schedule. Credit/Copy/Meals provided.

Please send headshot, resume, info to kfilmcasting@gmail.com to set up an audition. If you have links to a reel or video clips on YouTube etc, please include them as well. We’re looking forward to meeting an enthusiastic crew of actors as this should be a really fun project to be work on together.

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