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Brooklyn College Thesis Film “Mama’s Heart”

Currently casting for a short thesis film about Dava, a loving, yet slightly neurotic, mother who is met with the dilemma of having a grown son, Calvin, who opts to spend his life playing video games instead of becoming a productive member of society. Alongside Christina, her faithful and quirky friend, Dava sets out on a mission to get her son over his debilitating addiction by whatever means necessary.
This film is an over the top comedy about a mother would do anything to get her son on track, short of cutting the apron strings which have caused his problem to begin with.


Dava: Female 35-50, Hispanic, short, overweight. Dava is a devoted, eccentric mother who will go to any lengths to cure her son of his good for nothing laziness, even if it means using voodoo. A sweet nurturer one moment, a raving lunatic the next, Dava is a hysterically funny character who herself enables all the traits she “wishes” to change about her son.

Calvin: Male 18-23, Hispanic, dorky. As a recent college graduate, Calvin has made the personal life decision to spend as much time playing video games as he possibly can, before he absolutely has to join the work force. A clumsy, sugar driven, video game addicted zombie on the outside, a determined schemer on the inside, Calvin is ready and willing to sabotage any plans his mother has of forcing him to get a job, and he’ll make damn sure she doesn’t know he’s doing it.

Christina: Female, 35-50, African American, overweight. Christina is a strong, incredibly outspoken, colorfully loud woman. A devoted friend to Dava, Christina feels it is her mission to help rid Calvin of his video game addiction, be it through an iron fist, prostitution, or even voodoo. Anything for a friend.

Amanda: Female 18-23, White, thin, brunette, attractive. A tidy, soft spoken girl, who lets her sex appeal do her talking, she is called in to distract Calvin from his video games. Little does everyone know, Amanda has her own hidden love for gaming.

Shooting days: 11/13-11/18.
Compensation: Food, transportation and a DVD copy of the film.
Please send a head shot and resume to Ben.Ng2@gmail.com
As this is a non union film, SAG actors will be asked to sign a waiver.

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