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Auditions for non-union short film “Rift”

Auditions for non-union short film “Rift”
Jasmine is the eldest of a family torn by a divorce. Her Parents Jacky and Charles don’t realize the effect of that decision on their children Jasmine and Thomas. It’s hard for Jasmine being the eldest to deal with the whole situation but thankfully Kevin and Dr. Morris will help her find a way out.


Jacky is a 40 years old African woman (with accent) charismatic but soft at the same time. She believes that she has suffered way too much from her husband not really being present in her family’s life.

Charles is a 45 years old strong, hard working and generous African man (with accent). He has worked hard all his life so that his family we’ll never lack of anything. The choices that he makes are not always the best for is wife and kids as far as a family life is concern but he doesn’t realize it until it’s too late.

Thomas is an African American 14 years old boy in love with basketball and soccer. No one realizes at first that his parents’ divorce affects him because he’s way of expressing it is only through food and disobedience.

Dr. Morris is a 55 Caucasian psychologist who deals with broken families. He tries to help Jasmine and her family in finding solutions to make the divorce easier on the kids.

This is an NYU student film so it is a no pay project but food and a copy of the DVD will be provided for all cast members. We are also looking for extras for the nightclub scene.

Please send your headshot, resume and a reel if available to riftmovie@gmail.com.
The auditions will take place Saturday, April 4th 2009 from 1p.m to 4 30p.m the address will be sent to you via email.

Location: New York, NY

Contact: riftmovie@gmail.com

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