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Auditions for a full-length opera-musical “Animal Tales”

ANIMAL TALES (A New Musical)
Staged Reading
AGVA Guest Artists Contract
(Members of AGMA and AEA are eligible as well as non-union actors. Compensation is $1,000 Neg.)

This is a full-length opera-musical. The piece is sung through with large amounts of singing and stage time for all performers. It is truly an ensemble piece. All performers not only perform their roles but also are an ensemble singing and movement for the other characters. All should be excellent musicians.


Male 40-75. Bass-baritone. Terrific musician. On stage for entire show. The Vet is timeless, composed, dignified but warm, friendly and relaxed. Respected authority but does not take himself too seriously.

Female 18-25. Coloratura Soprano. Simple and Direct. Knows what is wrong and what to do about it. At the same time, she is timid and tentative. Will be asked to sing “Queen of the Night.”

Female 18-30. Lyric Mezzo Soprano. Loner and a dreamer. Beautiful, graceful, hard to approach and doesn’t interact easily. Dreams of being someone else but not sure what she wants.

Male 21-35. High Baritone, folk sing quality. UNDER 5’7’’ Facial hair and longish hair encouraged. Slight of build and young of heart. Friendly, has a sense of fun and infectious smile.

Male. 25-35 Lyric Bass with Rich full-bodied sound. Handsome heartthrob if he didn’t have such a chip on his shoulder. Quick-Tempered, hot-headed but ends up falling head over heels in love. Good comedic timing

African American or Hispanic Male. 20-35 Bass- Baritone Jazz Sound. Clumsy and totally satisfied with the home on his back. Cool, strong and game. Must be good with prat falls. Should have the ability to do hand and head spins and possibly flips.

BOY Under 12. MUST BE BOY SOPRANO. NO CHANGED VOICES. Too small and young to keep up with the bigger animals. Usually spunky feels inadequate and left behind. Good mover/ Jumper. Dance background helpful. * Must be home schooled or have education situation that allows for daytime rehearsals.

Male: 25-45 Lyric Tenor. Tall and Large,self-effacing , very shy. Cannot assert himself even though tall and large. No longer wants to be ridden by others. Actor should have depth and warmth.

NEW YORK, NY 10001

Auditions: September 15 & 16
Rehearsals: Oct 20-29 Partial Weekday; Oct 30-Nov 10, Full Daytime
Presentation: Nov 11-16

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