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Actors needed for “Prince Trevor Amongst the Elephants”

Prince Trevor Amongst the Elephants is a Big Epic Naked Ridiculous Shakespearean Fairy Tale Play. It’s a comedic take on current politics, filtered through fairy tales and written partly in iambic pentameter. It won the Spotlight On Award for “Best New Play” in 2006 for a staged reading, and this will be its full premiere. It will be in the Midtown International Theatre Festival, which runs July 15-August 10th.

http://www.duncanpflaster.com/trevor.php for information on the play and dates of performances.

The cast is large- 12 people playing some 27 roles. Most of the roles are pre-cast from the previous reading.

The tracks I’m casting are:

Prince Tonsure: 2nd oldest of the King’s sons, he’s not in line for the throne, so has become a monk, despite being plagued by erotic thoughts. Also plays Daniel, a Robin Hood type, and Mikey, one of the Eunuchs.

Geoffrey: Advisor to the king, in love with Princess Lana. Also plays Billy, one of the Eunuchs, and Peking Trunk, one of the mystical Elephants of Style.

Please note: Eunuchs will have very revealing skimpy costumes, and Peking Trunk will require extensive full-frontal nudity (while wearing an elephant mask).
Guitar (or some other instrument) playing would be a plus for Daniel.

No nudity will be required at the audition, but we will require it at callbacks.

E-mail me at eternitytwe@yahoo.com if you would like to audition. Auditions begin June 16th.

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