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Actors needed for an inspiring and moving independent film

Actors needed for an inspiring and moving independent film. Overall the story is a drama, though untraditional to the typical love story, the film is inspirational and stimulating. All roles require skilled actors.

Story –
Kevin is not your ordinary single bachelor. He aims to find relationships with true meaning. For most of his search he has only found mates who dump him. After all this heartache he decides to give up dating. A friend of Kevin decides to take the liberty and set him up on a blind date. Kevin’s personality only leads him to go along with the date. Kevin turns into a cold person not giving the date a chance and being extremely nasty to the date. The date goes completely wrong and leads into a serious accident. From here Kevin spends all his time tending to the responsibilities of the accident. He then finds love with the woman through the absence of her character and through what his mind is making out of her character.

– Characters –
– Mariel Cruz – (18 – 26)
Mariel is an artistic and captivating woman. She is beautiful to the eyes and warming to the heart. People would refer to her as having a bright and unique soul. She is curious and inspired by her surroundings, which gives a little bit of a rebellious side while still staying in the boundries of responsibility. She is a fantastic role model to her younger sister and an eternal gift to her loving mother. Mariel is full of spirit and wisdom but maybe just as in search of enlightenment as the rest of us.

– David – (25 – 38)
David is the sluggish yet amusing husband of Crystal. It is obvious that he is not immediate family, and he loves to make entertaining pokes at his wife and sister in law. He is an enjoyable man and takes pleasure in his jokes and smart remarks.

-Crystal – (35 – 50)
Crystal is Diana’s sister and David’s wife. She is an animated character who contributes mainly by sharing funny and interesting stories, especially about her lethargic husband. She is a comforting woman and adds personality to whatever situation she is a part of.

-Francis – (45 – 65)
Francis is Diana’s Father. He is a fun and wise man, who finds his comfort in jokes and sarcasm. He is on the elderly sid e but still believes in living life to the fullest. He is extremely sociable and makes those around him feel welcome and at home.

-Jenna Cruz – (15 – 19)
Jenna is the younger sister of Mariel and daughter of Diana. She is an extremely likable character who subtly lets her emotions seep through her pleasant exterior. She is a musically talented teenager who proves to be fun loving and extremely down to earth.

-Diana Cruz – (35 – 50)
Diana is the strong and passionate mother of Mariel and Jenna. She is an emotional woman who continually shows her love as well as interest for things. She has strong family values and energetically stimulates any event. She has a remarkable sense of humor that amusingly mixes in perfectly with her seriousness for what she finds important in life.

-Doctor – (20 and up)
The doctor is a strong and responsible character. In the face of hardship and surrounded by sorrow the job is still accomplished. The doctor takes their job serious as it should be taken.

Auditions will be held soon at a location in New York City.

The production schedule will consist of 9 full days of filming.

Possible locations for filming include Brooklyn, New Jersey, and Long Island.

Aiming to shoot in November-January.

This film will be shot on Professional HD cameras with professional Lenses.

This is considered a student film for Five Towns College, we are working with a student budget.

Reply to: ortiz524@mac.com

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