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Actors Needed For 16 mm Hofstra University Short

Synopsis: Danny Wolfman is a young and talented up-and-coming actor who has been given the role of a life time- a depiction of a real-life serial killer. Will his tireless preparations for this role give him the recognition he’s always desired, or will he descend dangerously far into the mind of a killer?

DANNY WOLFMAN – Caucasian, 25-35. Dark hair preferred. Danny is an up-and-coming actor who just received his first starring role in a feature length film and is extremely driven and focused, but still feels the pressure of the immense role he’s been given. Must be comfortable with nudity and sexual situations.

MELINDA – Caucasian, 23-35. Danny’s girlfriend who supports his burgeoning career- strong, intelligent, beautiful woman who is not afraid to speak her mind, and never takes lets people push her around. Must be comfortable with nudity and sexual situations.

BEAUTY – Caucasian, 25-30.A sultry beauty who knows the power her looks have. Very flirtatious and bubbly. Must be comfortable with nudity and sexual situations.

CASHIER – Any ethnicity. 20-50. An overweight, unkempt fellow.

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR – Any ethnicity. 40-55. An assistant director.

FEMALE JUNKIE – Any ethnicity. 20-35. Svelte woman.

Email: mlawso1@pride.hofstra.edu

No pay. Copy, credit, meals and transportation provided.

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