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Actor and Actress needed for “Brees” Short Film – New York, NY

Casting Call Details:
This is a casting call for Black Man Rising Productions newest short film “Brees” The story is of a young man on a date with his childhood “crush”, who soon reveals his more demented and shocking intentions for her. What appears at first to be a romantic drama, becomes known as a cold and calculating serial killer origin story. At first BREES reads as a typical B- Horror film. Once you delve deep into the psyche of William Brees you know something’s not right; that there’s more that meets the eye. You have to go beyond the surface and find the core of his being; a killer. It’s not about sex but the thrill of the kill; A hunter capturing its prey. “Brees” is directed by Christopher Johnson, and is looking for two lead character roles. One male and one female. Both characters’ age ranges from 18-29. Auditions will take place at Ripley Grier Studios at 72nd street. room 12F. The date will be on November 14th from 5pm-11pm. No SAG, No Pay. Actors cast in the film will given food and both a dvd and a data file disc of the film for their portfolios. We are probably going to be using sides, but please bring a monologue as well. Please submit your resume and headshot.


William Brees is a 22 yr old Caucasian male. He is lanky in stature. He wears his hair spiked with 1950s styled nerd glasses. He grew up in a nuclear family, mother, father, two brothers and a sister. They went on family vacations, sent out family Christmas cards every year. He went hunting with his father and brothers during hunting season. He was the youngest so naturally they picked on him. He was the odd ball of them all. Every one of his siblings looked as if they were made to be on magazine covers. Not William Brees, it must have skipped him all together. His sister was the sweetest to him. Only two years apart they shared the most common interests. They loved horror films. They were not allowed to watch them so it was their own little secret when they’d go frequently to the Cinema to see their absolute favorite, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.
William always sensed he was different, not only on the outside. He imagined himself as the killers in the films. When he shared this with his sister she would laugh it off and say, “Of course YOU would” He’d smile a half smile. It was as if she understood him yet didn’t have a clue who he really was. One hunting trip, William set up rabbit traps and was in charge of gathering them up while his father and brothers shot deer, he was too young to handle a rifle. William’s dad taught him how to snap their necks. His father said his granddad taught him how to do it, “quick and easy.” His father never made it seem inhumane but almost poetic. William was particularly fond of this method because to him it was the truest form of intimacy. Usually it’d be a quick snap, like breaking a twig as he was taught but as he stared at the helpless creature he wondered what it would feel like to squeeze the life out of the rabbit and stare into its eyes. He approached the cage and the rabbit squirmed in resistance, he wrapped his fingers tightly around its neck and applied so much pressure, blood spewed from his eye sockets. He had never felt such a rush. He knew he couldn’t bring this kill to his father, he’d know what he’d done so he disposed of the corpse by a nearby bush.
Throughout his hunting years he mastered the art of skinning and gutting the animals. His father was very proud that he was the most skilled. Knives were always his weapon of choice. His obsession grew with hunting and as a result his relationship with his sister drastically changed. They became distant and spent less time together. At school he would keep busy in Science club and Math Club. His participation in these activities was key to his cover; He never wanted to draw any unnecessary attention to himself. Unlike his peers he was never interested in girls, not in the typical teenage boy way. He was fascinated by their grace, their delicacy and how their insides would look up close and personal.
William met Amanda when he was 8yrs old; his parents knew hers and they would often go over to each other’s place for dinner parties or the occasional barbeque. They grew distant when she began dating the school’s jock and total douche bag, Morgan. This did not deter William but furthered his determination to have Amanda, to own her and to become truly intimate with her. She would be THE ONE, the first of many.

Amanda is 18 years old. She is an only child. Her mother died from childbirth, she never got a chance to meet her. Her father is a Pastor of the local Christian Church. She was the epitome of the “good girl” Amanda was a bookworm and very studious. It wasn’t until she met Morgan, the notorious “Bad Boy” that things went wrong. She distanced herself from family and friends. Morgan was verbally abusive, controlling, and constantly cheating on her. By the end of High School she had to face the facts and break it off with Morgan. She couldn’t live in fear anymore. She hated the person she became with him. She was tired of feeling weak and playing the part of the wounded creature.
Amanda decided to finally confront Morgan and made sure to do it in public. She needed witnesses if he didn’t handle it well. She waited for him by the lockers when she spotted him flirting with a cheerleader and glimpsed him slap her bottom. When he saw her face, he knew it was over. He scoffed at her and made a huge scene since he refused to be broken up with. Besides it was no secret to ANYONE of his infidelities. He proceeded to yell and demean her to make it seem like she was unworthy, it was all for show. She wiped her tears and walked away from him. She was relieved to have him out of her life for good. Now she would be able to return to normal. She missed her dad and her friends, especially William Brees. Amanda has been enamored with him since they were children but was afraid to reveal her true feelings for fear of rejection. After her tumultuous relationship with Morgan what did she have to lose? Months after her graduation she received a call from Will asking HER out! It was as if everything was falling into place. She always felt like Will was a total missed opportunity at true love. A long awaited reunion was in store. She invited him over to her place so they could finally have their moment.

Casting Calls Categories: Short Film Casting Calls / Lead Roles Casting Calls
Audition Date: November 14th, 2013
Project: Actor and Actress needed for “Brees” short film
Casting Call Location: New York, New York

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