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24DP is casting a commercial campaign for FlatRate (Paid, NY)

24DP (prod.) is casting a commercial campaign of comedic and dialogue-heavy spots for FlatRate. Spots include: White Glove, Massage, Coffee, Language Tapes, Heist, and Travel (a spec spot). Producer states: “The shoot days will be long, but will be very fun.” Shooting Dec. 18 & 19 in NYC (Heist shooting in NJ); and Travel spot shooting Dec. 20 for a half day in Chinatown NYC.

Pays $100-$300 per day depending on role, plus copy, credit, meals, and exposure provided.

“White Glove”
***Mother: female, 60s, older, eccentric, stuck-up;
***Mover: 30s, mixed ethnicity, friendly yet assertive, wholesome, athletic build, college quarterback type; Daughter: female, early 30s, smart;
***Fiancé: male, 30s, preppy.

***Masseur: male, 40s, huge, not overly muscular, either feminine type or tough Bronx type, a bull in a china store, very sensitive, means well, large hands;
***Spa Client: female, 40, nice skin, delicate back, soccer mom, comfortable lying face down with no shirt on massage table, covered waist-down with sheet.

***Coffee Guy: male, late 20s, plain, yet boyishly cute;
***Coffee Girl: female, mid-20s, girl-next-door-pretty, engaging face, momma wants you to marry her.

“Language Tapes”
***Louise: female, early 40s, comedic looking, peppy, lots of energy, English is her first language, but is able to speak French well enough to pronounce a few lines (as though learning French);
***Tom: male, mid-40s, conservative, brainy, understated good looks.

***Female Burglar: mid-30s, gorgeous blonde, exotic, athletic, action hero type, able to kick and do a few tumbles;
***Male Burglar: late 30s-early 40s, a young Pierce Brosnan, sophisticated, sexy, action hero, able to kick, run, and lift a woman over a fence; ***Guard #1: male, 30s, mixed ethnicity, the FlatRate spokesperson, friendly yet assertive, college quarterback type;
***Guard #2: male, approx. 45-55, muscular, military commander type, wise.

***Girl: 6, articulate, very outgoing, a real talker, thick Jewish/Brooklyn accent;
***Boy: 6, articulate, very outgoing, a real talker, thick Jewish/Brooklyn accent;
***Older Asian Man: 70s-80s, weathered from the outdoors. Note: Parents of children must attend shoot.

Auditions will be held by appt. only the week of Dec. 7.
Email pix ASAP.
No phone calls.
You must be available the dates of the shoot. Actresses submitting for Spa Client should email pix of their backs before the audition, or bring pix to the audition. Callbacks will be held the week of Dec. 14.





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