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Seeking Male/Female Talent for “Beyond Midnight” – Miami, FL

Casting Call Details:
An apprehensive young woman struggling with the death of her father and birth of her new son faces coping with life’s challenges or falling into the oblivion of addiction.

1. Female / 25-36 yrs. / Any Ethnicity.
Ana is an attractive strong-willed independent woman. She exudes confidence in her sexy and at times provocative demeanor and has always been a daddy’s-girl. However, this is all a mask to hide her inner-most anxieties. As life stressors amount, we see Ana decompensate from a successful business owner, wife, and new mother to an alcoholic, prescription pill abusing shadow of her former self.
Potential Brief Nudity (TBD) nothing distasteful.

2. Male / 28-38 yrs. / African-American
Clark is a handsome and secure man who cherishes his wife, Ana. He provides balance for her anxiety and can always help her find tranquility. His love is tested as Ana becomes more and more self-absorbed in her fears and begins to neglect him and their new born son.

3. Male / 60-78 yrs. / Any Ethnicity
Robert is a strong-willed elderly gentleman who raised his daughter Ana to be the successful young woman that she is. His sudden illness and death prove to be the final straw in pushing Ana over the edge and into a drug-fueled abyss.

4. Male / 24-44 yrs. / Caucasian
Ian, a drug dealing and cocaine abusing molly-popping creep ready to prey on Ana’s weakness, even if it’s against her will.

Casting Calls Categories: Video Shoot Casting Calls
Audition Date: 9-14-13
Project: Auditions for “Beyond Midnight”
Casting Call Location: Miami, Florida

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