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Miami Casting Calls: Casting Call for Short Student Film “Speechless”

Miami Casting Calls:
Casting Call for Short Student Film “Speechless”
WHERE: Miami International University of Art & Design
WHEN: Sat 08/21/10

WHAT: “Speechless” is a short student film set to begin production this September in Miami! This is an excellent opportunity to build your resume. Compensation includes, a DVD copy of the film, screen credit, and it will add to your demo reel. Also, we’ll keep your audition on tape for the future references. This is a great opportunity for the actors to demonstrate their dramatic versatility, enrich their reels and grab a screen credit!

SYNOPSYS: “The second World War, humanity’s last epic clash. In this fierce environment the hopes and dreams of millions collided with one another in a visceral whirlwind that destroyed entire nations. This is the story of Andrei Simakov, Russian soldier in the midst of the hellish Eastern campaign… a conflict that would leave a sea of bones across Southern Russia by the end of the war. Andrei’s quest to return to that which he holds dear, to a paradise beyond war, will have him facing his own nation’s harsh environment, the relentless Nazi army, and the cruel, uncompromising nature of life itself. We are always at war, within ourselves.”

ANDREY SIMAKOV: Mid 30s, a Russian Soviet Army soldier, dominant, cocky, arrogant man, who spent three years fighting fascists in a partisan unit, finds out that his native village is occupied by Nazi. An abusive alcoholic in the past, Andrey decides to return to the village and rescue his family from the enemy. Andrey feels like the war has changed him and he wants to redeem himself for what he has done in the past (who he has been) to his family before and start their life with a clean slate.

MASHA SIMAKOVA: Late 20s-30s, Andrey’s wife, a sweet village farmer woman, who is no stranger to the rigors of hard work and hard living. Down to earth, and plain in her dress and her ways, and with a genuine affection for her abusive husband. After Andrey didn’t get in touch with Masha in three years she stops waiting for his returning, considering him missing-in-action, or dead. Masha is now living with one of the Nazi soldiers Gans, accepting his attention, who treats her better that Simakov used to.

GANS INHEN : Mid-Late 30s; good-looking Nazi soldier, who truly fell in love with Masha’s simplicity, her kid and family lifestyle. Gans become a part of the familly. And even though they are enemies under war circumstances, Gans tries to do everything to make them feel better in that occupied village.

IVAN SIMAKOV: 6-10 year old kid, Andrey’s son. Raised in a stressful environment by his family, he is very shy and a hesitant boy, who is really connected to his mother and her lover GANS. Ivan’s mother Masha told him that his father died in the war.

Please send headshots and we will contact you shortly.
Auditions will be held on Aug. 21 2010.

AUDITION DATE: 08/21/2010





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