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Casting Remaining Characters for Upcoming Short Film – Miami, FL

Casting Call Details:
Walking Wolf Productions in collaboration with Finite Studios is now casting remaining roles for their new short film. Details are as follows…

Location & Time:
Will Notify Selected Talent

Casting 6 Males, 2 Females
Looking For Range of Maria’s (Age: 9 Months, 9, 15, and 18)
Also Sergio will be 15 and 18 that could be the same person as well

Brief Synopsis:
An intense drama about a Father’s bond with his daughter and his willingness to do what he must for his family.

Character Breakdown:
MARIA – Female, Fifteen, dark haired and slender. Maria grew up wanting to be like her father at any cost. From an early age, she was trained in boxing and taught to be responsible and strong. Growing up, she realized the worst thing she could do would be to disobey her father. She’s 15 now and developing her own personality and is finding it hard to make both herself and her father happy.

KIKO – Male, Late teens. Young, lean, muscular. Constantly hungry and twitchy. Since he was twelve, gangs encircling his neighborhood have been trying to recruit him and his friends. But he doesn’t play by anyone’s rules, so he went his own way. Due to his short fuse temper, that’s probably for the best. For most of his teens, he navigated the streets while pretending to be interested in things like school and work. Tough on the outside, he was still always looking for a role model. Ernie was it. He saw him in an alley fight and began following him to the gym every day, watching him move. He’s loyal and liked what Ernie taught him about fighting. When Ernie lets him down, it’s like finding out your father’s not of your own blood.

PROMOTER – Male, Mid-50s, balding, with a once-muscular body. His name is Cornelius, but he’d never admit that in person. Twenty years ago, he was Ernie. Now, he can still kick your ass, but just doesn’t have a good enough reason to. Grew up with an abusive father, which made him used to seeing violence on a daily basis. He handles the underground fights and negotiates terms for opposing sides, taking a hefty cut of the action himself.

RAUL – Male, Hispanic, late teens. He’s puny, thin, and wants to be like one of the big dogs. He has fight in him, but not much strength. The only fight he’s ever won was with a mosquito. His fascination with fighting has become even more important since he’s been working out at the gym. Overhearing Ernie and all the men he trains, Raul has gotten involved in underground fighting for extra money. Now that his father’s passed away, it’s even more necessary for him to come up with the necessary funds…

DOCTOR DIAZ –Male, Mid 40s male doctor. Sympathetic with a sense of humor. Professional but willing to jest with his clients.

DOCTOR BIVONA –Male, Male doctor in his mid-50s. Goateed and manicured. Professional and good at delivering bad news in a warm way.

STEPHANIE – Female, Typical 15 year old girl – silly, fun-seeking, and all on the surface. She’s loyal though, having been friends with Maria for the last 2 years of high school. While she considers herself to be Maria’s best friend, she doesn’t know what really makes her tick.

SERGIO – Male, Fifteen but already a gentleman. He’s shy but knows how to charm others when he needs to. He’s tall, handsome, and caught Maria’s eye in social studies class when they were building a gymnasium out of Styrofoam and plastic. They’re in the beginning stages of a relationship – that middle ground between like and lust.


Casting Calls Categories: Short Film Casting Calls / Teen Actors Casting Calls
Audition Date: June 17th and 18th
Project: Casting Remaining Characters For Upcoming Short Film
Location: Miami, FL

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