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Casting Call for Dark Comedy/Horror “This Films Sucks” (Kalamazoo/Battle Creek, MI)

Synopsis: While shooting a cheap slasher film, “Sweet Dreams”, the cast and crew are sabotaged by three vampire sisters. The surviving cast and crew, having locked themselves in the cabin set, must use the knowledge they’ve learned from slasher and vampire films to survive.


Benjamin – The director of Sweet Dreams. He is a cousin-in-law to his producer Brian, and personally knows everyone involved in the film, particularly his good friends high school friends Jeremy and Charley. He’s cynical, impulsive, foul-mouthed and prone to temper fits, but his knowledge of vampires, by way of a C+ junior high book report he once did, proves to be an asset to the survivors.

Cody – One of the main stars of Sweet Dreams. Cody’s good friends with EJ, and one of the more level-headed of the surviving gang, though his dry, sarcastic wit does get on everyone’s nerves occasionally.

Autumn Bathory – Autumn is the oldest sister of the Bathory vampires, and the “Leader” of the three. She’s strong, fierce and extremely confident, seeing her male victims as nothing more than easily battered, feeble play things for a smug cat.

Brian – Benjamin’s cousin-in-law and co-producer. Brian has a dogmatic, sometimes snarky attitude that annoys Benjamin, and especially EJ who he doesn’t get along with. He’s the first bitten victim, which needless to say, means he’s the first one to go of the survivors.

Will – One of the supporting actors of Sweet Dreams, and friends with Benjamin, EJ, Cody and Devon. Like Cody, his sarcastic sense of humor rubs some the wrong way from time to time, but he eventually plays a vital role in uncovering a certain secret of one of the cast members.

Devon – The main star/villain of Sweet Dreams. Devon’s just a touch beyond over-confident of the acting skills he doesn’t possess, and has a libido that proves to be his downfall.

Charley – One of the stars of Sweet Dreams, and high school friend of Benjamin and Jeremy’s. Charley at times doesn’t seem like the sharpest tool in the box, and temptress vampire Deva finds his uber-horniness a cakewalk to work with; however, out of all the survivors, he’s the one that’s the bravest to volunteer to help shortest-straw loser Jeremy face the vampires.


EJ (Male, 26-30) – The cliche “slacker/drunk” character of Sweet Dreams, who fittingly enough is a slacker drunk in real-life. After a messy split from his wife, the laid back, hockey/punk rock-loving EJ is living on a corner mattress in Benjamin’s basement, and immediately gives off the worst impression he could possibly give Brian. His appearance is Mohawked, thick frame glasses, smokes like a chimney and drinks like a sailor. His messy, pending divorce is often the butt of jokes by the other survivors, but when the going gets tough, his love and knowledge of every horror film known to man proves to be vital toward the guys’ survival.

Deva Bathory (Female, 22-24) – Deva is the curvaceous middle sister of the Bathory vampires and the “Temptress” of the three. She’s the most animated, the “sexy and I know it” type, who uses her looks and figure to lure the guys. Her appearance is Cotton candy pink and blue hair, a loose fitting light blue hoodie, shapely v-neck white T-shirt with “BITE ME” spray-painted across it, fishnet stockings and spiked fetish boots.

Rae Bathory (Female, 20-22) – Rae is the baby sister of Bathory vampires, and the feisty “enforcer”. She is a woman of few words, if any, but is the one that performs most of the messy kills, used by her older sisters as the one to finish the job. Her appearance is small, around 5’2″-5’4″, bleach-blonde pigtails, brightly colored hoodie, Hello Kitty backpack, and a dead left eye with a scar surrounding it. Looking for someone with some experience in either cheerleading, gymnastics or similar activities as her character is involved in one choreographed fight (a combination of choreography and special effects will be used).

Jeremy (Male, 24-28) – Another supporting actor of Sweet Dreams, and good friends with Charley and Benjamin. Out of all the surviving members, Jeremy’s the most likeable and empathetic, and tries to be the voice of reason over what’s happening.

Director: Benjamin Marlatt
Producer: Benjamin Marlatt, Brian Smoot
Production Companies: Yebbie Entertainment, Ashkicker Productions

NOTE: Scripts are available to those who are interested.

Casting Calls Categories: Feature Film
Audition Date: January 24, 2016, 2-4 pm
Project: “This Films Sucks”
Casting Call Location: Kalamazoo/Battle Creek, MI

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